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J.B. Smoove is Married to Wife: Shahidah Omar. Kids.

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Image of J.B. Smoove with his wife, Shahidah Omar

J.B. Smoove, born Jerry Angelo Brooks, is a widely known American comedian, actor, and writer. After starting his career in 1995 with Def Comedy Jam, he went on to work as an actor-writer on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

However, he is most well-known for his leading roles in the sitcoms, The Millers and Curb Your Enthusiasm, both air on the HBO network. In addition to that, he played a fictionalized version of himself on the improv-comedy reality television parody Real Husbands of Hollywood, which was broadcast on BET.

Read more about J.B. Smoove’s wife, Shahidah Omar, and their marriage. Check out their lives and meet his kids.

J.B Smoove and Shahidah Omar’s Marriage

Image of J.B. Smoove with his wife, Shahidah Omar
J.B. Smoove with his wife, Shahidah Omar

The American comedian and his wife, Shahidah Omar, have been married for some time now. In 2007, Smoove tied the knot with the singer.

He and his wife have inspired many single adults working in the American entertainment industry. In addition, they are a role model for most married celebrities to model their marriage after in terms of how they should adjust their relationship with one another.

Since the 8th day of July in 2007, he has been happily married to his longtime girlfriend. After a certain amount of time together as husband and wife, things can often fall into a monotonous cycle, so they continue to “court” one another, as he had shared in an interview with the Black America Web.

He has been married for more than a decade, but he still makes his relationship exciting. His wife refers to him as her “Husbo,” which is a combination of the words “husband” and “boyfriend.”

Though the strong pair has been happily married since there have been no indications or rumors to suggest they have bitter disputes in their house, they share an apartment in Los Angeles where they call home together with their grown daughter, Jerrica.

Shahidah Omar’s biography

J.B. Smoove’s wife was born on the 16th day of December 1965 in Plymouth, North Carolina. She is presently 56 years old.

Her parents’ and siblings’ identities have been kept from the general public, so most people do not know their names apart from the closest ones in their lives. Furthermore, her educational background has not been divulged yet.

She is an American actress and classical musician most known for her roles in Real Husbands of Hollywood (2013), Graduation Night (2003), and The Bonnie Hunt Show (2008). Shahidah Omar has also appeared in several other films. Her musical repertoire includes such songs as “Stop the War,” “What About the Living,” and “People of the World,” which she has performed.

The world of soul music is better off for Shahidah’s contributions to the genre. The vocalist has a background in classical music, and she is noted for her distinctively low-pitched voice.

In addition to her occupation as a singer, she also produces music. As a result, she is the sole proprietor of a recording studio known as Hot Pink Studios, where she creates music.

She has been seen dancing as well, and sometimes she even acts. Shahidah Omar’s Wikipedia profile has not come up yet.

Once a profile of J.B. Smoove’s wife is made available, we will indeed revise this article and its information.

J.B. Smoove’s Kids

Image of J.B. Smoove with his wife, Shahidah Omar, and their daughter, Jerrica
J.B. Smoove with his wife, Shahidah Omar, and their daughter, Jerrica

The married couple has one child together, a daughter named Jerrica. They welcomed her birth on the 21st day of October 1993; she is now 28 years old.

On the other hand, it is reported he dated another woman who might be Jerrica’s mother in the past. Even though it is commonly believed that Shahidah is Jerrica’s mother, there is something that some people think does not appear to add together; it may be since she was born a long time way before her parents were married.

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