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Isko Moreno is Married to Wife: Dynee Domagoso. Kids.

Image of Isko Moreno with his wife, Dynee Domagoso

A Filipino politician known as ‘Yorme Isko‘ since he was appointed as the 22nd mayor of Manila City from 2019 to 2022, he is Francisco Domagoso or Isko Moreno. His profession as a politician began in 1998; he ran for the Manila City Council position and sat for three terms.

From 2007 to 2016, he was appointed Manila Citys vice mayor. The following year, he tried to have a seat in the senator position but failed to have one. Afterward, Former President Rodrigo Duterte gave him a role as the boards chairman of the North Luzon Railways Corporation. He then became the undersecretary of DSWD.

Since he was given a job, Isko Moreno put all his effort into improving public health, school facilities, houses for urban people, and tourism. He also had a life and livelihood campaign, a policy that focuses on poverty, unemployment, inequality, and injustice.

Another fact, Isko Moreno was once an actor before entering politics. His name became known by almost everyone when he seat in the Manila City’s mayor. He is known for several films, such as Frats in 1997, Dodong Scarface in 1995, and Loving Someone in 1993.

Who is Isko Moreno‘s Wife? Discover more about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Isko Moreno has been Married to Wife Dynee Domagoso since 2000

Image of Isko Moreno with his wife, Dynee Domagoso
Isko Moreno with his wife, Dynee Domagoso

Isko Moreno’s wife is Diana Lynn Ditan Domagoso also known as her nickname, Dynee Domagoso. The coupled tied the knot in 2000, making them married for 22 years. Dynee Domagoso told their love story in an interview in Boy Abunda.

A friend introduced her to Isko Moreno on August 27, 1999, at Nakpil Street in Malate. At first, she was not interested in him and fended him off; however, Isko Moreno did not pull back. Until they encountered again in a club located in Manila, and there, Isko Moreno declared his love and courted her. In 2000, the two of them decided to get married.

Isko Moreno’s Past Relationships

Isko Moreno has no dating history. The only love interest he ever had was his present partner. Considering that they have already been together for two decades and counting, it confirms that he is loyal and faithful to his only love.

His wife must be the only woman he fell in love with, and until now, they seemed to have a happy marriage and good connections.

Dynee Domagoso’s Biography

Moving forward to Dynee Domagoso, heres what you need to know about her. She is a businesswoman, although being an entrepreneur does not run in her family’s blood.

She came from a family full of athletes. Before entering the business sector, she is a black belter in Taekwondo on the national team alongside her siblings.

Dynee Domagoso graduated high school in De La Salle Zobel, located in Muntinlupa City, then went to college at De La Salle University in Manila, one of the notable State Universities in the Philippines. During the campaigns of Isko Moreno, she was always by his side, supporting him by working behind the curtains and even visiting different communities.

Isko Moreno’s Kids

Image of Isko Moreno with his wife, Dynee Domagoso, and their kids
Isko Moreno with his wife, Dynee Domagoso, and their kids

The couple has four children who are all considered an adult now. Frances Diane Moreno is the eldest, born in 2000, Franco Dylan Domagoso and Joaquin Domagoso were both born in 2001, and the youngest is Drake Marcus Domagoso, born in 2012.

Additionally, Dynee Domagoso had a child with her previous partner before marrying Isko Moreno, and his name is Vincent Patrick Moreno, born in 1998. The couple, including their five children, are living in contented life.

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