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Is Walt Buteau Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Walt Buteau

Walt Buteau is a recognized correspondent who has had his fair share of contributions to journalism. He has garnered a lot of experience from covering different events and news worldwide.

Before joining WFLA, he was an anchor for WPRI or Channel 12. He bid goodbye from his previous network last 2020 and has been a part of the 8 On Your Side crew

Even though it was only a few years since the reporter joined Channel 8, he had already covered mass government frauds in Tampa Bay, Florida. This is where he was stationed, and he was one of the people that informed the masses about the horrendous act.

But even before that, he was already reporting in Manhattan when terrorists attacked the twin towers in September 2001. It was a sad day for many Americans, and we are just glad that the journalist is one of the people that kept us in touch with that distasteful event.

Are you curious about the personal life of 8 On Your Side correspondent Walt Buteau? Is the journalist married? Does he have any kids?

Learn more about his personal and romantic life by reading the article below.

Walt Buteau is Married to a Wife.

Image of Walt Buteau
Walt Buteau is an Investigative Reporter at WFLA-TV News Channel 8

With all the issues and controversies that Walt has unveiled throughout the years, there is little to no information that has been disclosed regarding his wife. He has also limited the photos and videos to prove further who his partner is.

However, it was confirmed by multiple sources that the former anchor is indeed married despite the lack of evidence to prove otherwise. Amid the reporter’s life, he keeps his family and personal matters out of the public’s prying eyes.

Only time will tell whether the journalist will become ready to share his details with the masses.

Walt Buteau’s Kids

Just like the details on his wife, the former anchor has also not disclosed a lot of information regarding his children. Although, given his age, it is believed that he and his wife share a lot of kids.

Several reports stated that the correspondent has always preferred going out and traveling with his family. His adventures presumably include his wife and his kids.

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