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Is Trey Yingst Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Dating Rumors.

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Image of Trey Yingst, Born in Pennsylvania, United States

With all of the events simultaneously happening worldwide, news and coverage of said matters become necessary. One of the brave people that go to the frontline of wars and combat are reporters like Trey Yingst.

Especially now that there is still an ensuing war between the European countries and former Soviet allies Ukraine and Russia. Even though we don’t want to be involved in these issues, we’re being directly affected by them, and our information comes from reliable news sources.

He is a journalist that is currently working for Fox News. He is based in Jerusalem in Israel and is covering news reports in and around the country.

His important works include coverage of conflicts in Gaza and the Middle East. Recently, he was stationed in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv to cover the ongoing invasion.

Are you curious about the life of the Fox News correspondent Trey Yingst? Does the reporter have any romantic partners? Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Is Trey Yingst Married to Wife?

Image of FOX news American Correspondent in Jerusalem
FOX news American Correspondent in Jerusalem

Looking at Trey, it is evident that he is a handsome and well-mannered young man. He is just 28 years old, yet he has accomplished a lot because who wouldn’t want a responsible and brave partner in their life.

This idea may have been one reason why many dating rumors surround him. His name was always linked to renowned professional tennis athlete and social media personality Adi Spiegelman.

Several photos of them together have always surfaced on the internet, but we can confirm that the two are not dating. This claim is further solidified by the fact that Adi has always been in a relationship with a U.S based film director named Julie Pacino.

Trey Yingst’s Biography

Image of Trey Yingst an American Journalist and TV personality
Trey Yingst, an American Journalist and TV personality

An American reporter that hails from the town of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania in the U.S. But, his passion for being the bridge and connecting people to current events brought him to Israel. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the School of Communication in America.

This prepared him for the realities he would face just a few years after graduation in 2016. He started his broadcasting career with former colleague and classmate Ford Fisher when he co-founded Online News Outlet named News2Share.

Afterward, he left the company to become One America’s correspondent in the White House during the Trump administration. A few years after, he became a part of the current roster of reporters on Fox News.

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