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Is Tonex Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Dating History.

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Image of Tonex

Anthony Charles William II, also known as Tonex and B.Slade, is a famous activist, musician, record producer, rapper, songwriter, and dancer. The rapper has various stage names but used Tonex for many years before changing it in 2010 to B.Slade.

He was known in many music genres, including electro, punk, soul, Latin, trance, pop, jazz, and hip hop. People think that he is a jack of all trades in the music industry since he has many professions and knows the workaround in the field.

Tonex’s greatness in music earned him two Grammy nominations. Aside from being musically inclined, he also ventured into acting and musical theatre, which developed his skills and gave him appearances in various shows.

With the busy life of Tonex, fans cannot help but think if he has time to find a partner. We will provide information regarding that matter, so keep reading this article because we have more details about Tonex’s wife, girlfriend, and love life.

Is Tonex Married to a Wife?

Image of Tonex

Tonex, now B. Slade, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, dancer, producer, and activist.

Tonex has established a career wherein he attracts a lot of opportunities and people. However, despite his popularity, it seems like he is not in the mood right now to find a partner,

According to sources, the famous record producer is not married but has been married during his early years in the music industry. People assume that Tonex still wants to enjoy the life of being single before being tied with a partner.

The musician had a first wife named Yvette Graham, there were not many details shared about their marriage, but it was known that they were married in the year 2000. After being happily married, they decided to divorce their marriage in 2005.

Rumors were circulating online that their marriage did not end on good terms, but there was no confirmation about them. After Tonex divorced Yvette, she was sued by Verity Record because she allegedly breached their contract.

Tonex’s Biography

Tonex was born in San Diego, California, the United States, on May 16, 1975. The songwriter is now at the age of 46. He was successful in recording songs for several films. Some of these films are One on One, Gigli, Prison Song, and Second Generation Wayans.

The 46-year-old producer has been recognized for his dozens of albums; he won several awards in his career, including GMA Dove Award and Stellar Award. He won six prestigious awards in 2005 and Craig Noel Award.

His breakthrough career in the film industry started when he made an appearance in The Hustle in 2011, which was released through home video. Tonex was also given a chance to be a part of Dreamgirls, a Broadway musical.

Furthermore, the performance that earned him the Craig Noel Award was the time when he played the lead role in The Who’s Tommy. According to social media sites, he is living proof of a hardwork pays off attitude.

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