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Is Peter Nygård Married to a wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Peter Nygård is famously known as a Finnish-Canadian former fashion executive and CEO of the women’s apparel company Nygård International. He is infamous for the reputation he has due to countless accusations of sexual wrongdoings, which dates as far as 1968.

In addition, he is notorious for his innumerable dated girlfriends and children from multiple women. See more about the Finnish-Canadian former fashion mogul Peter Nygård’s life, previous relationships, and dating history. Also, meet his children from numerous women in this article.

Is Peter Nygård married to a wife?

Image of Peter Nygard
Peter Nygard is a Finnish-Canadian fashion executive.

According to reports, Peter Nygård is single. Despite having a long list of women he has had relationships with, he is currently keeping a partnerless life.

Moreover, it is hard to have and keep romantic relations as Peter is behind bars awaiting trial for the sexual charges which led to his arrest in October 2021.

Dating History

Based on statistics, he has had two ex-wifes, ten publicly known girlfriends, three encounters, and three rumored affairs with numerous women, which comes up to eighteen contacts.


  • Carol Knight

They were married back in the 1970s until the model filed for divorce due to her husband’s workaholic tendencies, and their marriage was short-lived.

  • Anna Nicole Smith

Peter and Anna got married in 1988 and were together for three years until their divorce in 2001. Anna Nicole Smith was an American model. Like Carol, she also got fed up with Peter’s business with work.

Previous girlfriends

  • Tarja Smura

They had a short relationship back in 1993. Tarja is a Finnish model who was Miss Finland in 1993.

  • Tanja Karpela

Peter Nygård dated Miss Finland 1991 Tanja Karpela back in 1994.

  • Janina Fry

Finnish Model Janina Fry dated him for one month, from March 1998 to April 1998. She was a semi-finalist in Miss World 1993.

  • Sincerely A. Ward

Sincerely A. Ward is an American model who dated the business mogul back in 2005.

  • Suelyn Medeiros
Image of Peter Nygard with Suelyn Madeiros
Suelyn Madeiros is a Brazilian-American author, supermodel, and the former partner of the fashion tycoon Peter Nygard.

Brazilian American author, supermodel, and former Playboy model Suelyn Medeiros and Peter Nygård dated in 2008.

  • Eha Urbsalu

Back in 2015, Peter and Eha had a relationship. She is an Estonian model.

  • Kaarina Pakka

The former airline flight attendant dated him in the late 1980s. She is also the mother of one of his children.

  • Angelika Szczepaniak

He and Polish mental coach Angelika dated and had a daughter during their relationship.

  • Patricia Bickle

Patricia Bickle dated Peter Nygård in the past, and she has three children with him, which are his three oldest kids.

  • Freya

Peter dated model Freya whom he had a child with.

Encounters / Hook-ups

  • Carmen Heikkilä (1995)
  • Daphne Joy
  • Bria Myles

Rumored affairs

  • Beverly Johnson
  • Linda Brava
  • Pamela Anderson

Unfortunately, most of his past relationship details are undisclosed, and some of his dated women may even be unknown to the public.

Peter Nygård’s kids

Image of Peter Nygard with his family
Peter Nygard with his family

Based on some sources, Peter Nygård has ten children with eight women, but it is more likely that he only has eight kids with four previous known partners.

  • Biana Nygård

She is his firstborn with former partner Patricia Bickle who is actively involved in their family business.

  • Alia Nygård Daneault

Alia is also a daughter of Patricia and Peter, married to Derek Daneault. She is involved in the family business and resides in Winnipeg, Canada.

  • Kai Zen Bickle Nygård

He is the youngest out of the three children of Peter and Patricia. He the Bahamas as a social entrepreneur.

  • Mika Nygård

Mika is Peter’s son with former model Kaarina Pakka who filed for child support and won in 2002.

  • Jessar Nygård

Jessar is currently living in California. The public does not identify his mother.

  • Scarlet Nygård

She is the businessman’s daughter of his former partner Angelika Szczepaniak. She lives in Toronto with her mother.

  • Trey Nygård

Trey is Peter’s son with American supermodel Beverly Peele who is among those who accused him of sexual misconduct.

  • Xar Nygård

Xar is the youngest of Peter’s children. The mother of Peter’s daughter, Xar, is former model Freya.

Peter mentioned that all of his children visit him regularly in the Bahamas and close contact with him.

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