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Is Luke James Married to Wife? Past Relationships and Dating Rumors.

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Image of Luke James

At times, Hollywood’s most famous singers perform and publicize songs from independent and rising songwriters. Luke James Boyd, or Luke James as he is frequently called, is one of the writers who made iconic pieces for Britney Spears and R&B superstar Chris Brown.

Besides being a songwriter, he is a singer himself, a model, and an actor. He is behind the award-winning song, I Want You (2017), and other indie R&B singles. Being in the music industry of Hollywood will surely make any person a head-turner, so is Luke James married? Keep reading and find out in this Wikipedia-type article

Is Luke James Married to a Wife?

Image of Luke James
Luke James is an American singer, songwriter, and actor.

The rising composer is currently single and has no past engagements or marriage records. He managed to set his focus on his career by making hit songs and albums throughout his emerging fame.

Even though he has been known to be single for a few years now, he has also dated other artists. James’ most prominent relationship was with the Hollywood superstar Jessie J. The pair got together in late 2014 but separated ways after ten months.

Jessie and Luke had a good start with massive support from their fans and co-artists after the former initiated a conversation and flexed the latter on her social media, broadcasting that they were officially together.

The relationship ended because the superstar felt a sort of doubt, thinking that James was using her to gain attention and popularity. Like their announcement of being together, the public witnessed their separation online after the two artists had a heated altercation on Twitter.

Before Luke James got into a relationship with the aforementioned star, he was involved with Kim Gingras, a professional dancer who performs for Beyoncé. They have been together for six months, but they are criticized because of their ethnic difference.

Luke James Short Biography 

Luke James Boyd, also dubbed as Wolf, was born on the 13th of June, 1984, turning 38 this year. His passion for music started at a very young age when he watched a singing competition on TV and felt the urge to perform on stage.

Wolf was single-handedly raised by his mother – whose name was not disclosed since his father abandoned him before he was born. Growing up, he learned a lot of skills as he exposed himself to various activities such as martial arts and performing magic tricks.

His musical capabilities are not limited to writing and singing since it is a well-known fact that he can also play different instruments like keyboard, saxophone, and guitar. He started his career when he teamed up with Quinten Spears, forming the duo Luke & Q.

He gradually rose to prominence until he became a solo artist with two albums, Luke James and to feel loved, and two mixtapes, #Luke and Whispers in the Dark. He garnered three Grammy nominations and a Centric Award from Soul Train Music Awards throughout his singing journey.

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