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Is Joey Boy Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Joey Boy

Apisit Opasaimlikit, professionally known as Joey Boy, is a well-known Thai hip-hop singer and producer known as “The Godfather of Thai Hip Hop.” He began working with Snow, a multi-platinum Canadian reggae musician, in 1995.

The hip hop singer flew to Toronto in 1995 to sing “Fun, Fun, Fun” with the famous Canadian reggae musician Snow, and the single became one of Thailand’s best-selling songs. Joey runs his record label called “Gancore Club.”

He lived in the United States for a while when he met of the Black Eyed Peas, who help produced Joey Boy’s song “LA to BKK.” Read this article further to discover the relationship details of the Thai hip hop singer Joey Boy.

Is he married to a wife? Or have a girlfriend? Find out by reading this article.

Is Joey Boy Married to a Wife?

Image of Joey Boy
Joey Boy is a Thai hip-hop singer and producer. He is best known as The Godfather of Thai Hip Hop.

Joey Boy is still looking for his soul mate. The well-known Thai hip hop singer Joey Boy is a private individual whose personal life is currently being investigated.

We assumed that Joey has no present wife or girlfriend because there was no formal information about his marital life. The Thai singer Joey Boy is one of the most successful hip-hop singers, but he still has not tied the knot yet.

Jimmy hasn’t shared any information regarding his future girlfriend or soon-to-be wife. We assume that the star prefers privacy in his personal life and is kept away from the public.

Joey Boy’s Dating History

The Thai singer focuses on his career and hasn’t had any entanglements in the past. There are no reported girlfriends or ex-wives in the star’s past.

He made sure to separate his star life from his relations. Rest assured, once the artist reveals his past relationships, we will keep you updated through this write-up.

Joey Boy’s Short Biography

Apisit Opasaimlikit, professionally known as Joey Boy, was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 25th of December 1974 and is currently 47 years old. Ever since the well-known Thai hip hop singer was 14 years old, he started listening to hip hop songs.

Joey also liked skateboarding while listening to hip-hop songs. The well-known Thai hip hop singer graduated high school from Wat Racha Thiwat.

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