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Is Fran Lebowitz Married to Wife/Partner?

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American author and occasional actor, Fran Lebowitz

The woman, particularly famous as Honorary Samantha Stogel from The Wolf of Wall Street, has been under the radar recently regarding her love life. As stern, as she may be, Fran Lebowitz is equally quiet while talking about her matters.

However, it is no doubt that the 70-year-old from New Jersey prefers to love women rather than men as one would expect. The surprising thing here is not that Fran is lesbian, but she has never appeared with her partner. This led to many people questioning whether or not she has married a woman now or in the past.

Fran Lebowitz is Not Yet Married to Her Wife/Partner

Though paparazzi often showed Fran with males and females, it cannot be confirmed if they are indeed a couple. Unfortunately, sources have confirmed that Fran Lebowitz is still single to this date. Moreover, there has not been any picture of Fran calling the wedding bell with her partner.

However, this does not mean that Fran Lebowitz has not been in a relationship in the past. Fran has dated a couple of lesbians, but none of them lasted longer than a month or two.

Her Partners and Dating History

In Fran’s words, she is perfect in every role, be it a friend, daughter, or relative. But Fran is a hopeless lover and has never been a good girlfriend to anyone.

At the moment, many think that Fran could be dating a Harvard graduate novelist named Toni Morrison. Toni and Fran Lebowitz have been lifelong friends, and the public knows it all too well. Hence, people did not hesitate to speculate that Fran and Toni Morrison had something going on. After all, Toni is a divorcee since 1964 and hasn’t married since then.

But neither Toni nor Fran ever confirmed the rumors of them dating one another.

Fran Lebowitz with her longlife friend
Fran Lebowitz with her lifelong friend, Harvard graduate novelist named Toni Morrison.

Dating History

In 2016, no one but Fran herself revealed in an interview with Francesco Clemente that she liked dating women. However, Fran never explicitly told whom she was dating then. We know that Fran had dated a couple of girls during her youth days but failed in keeping that relationship alive.

According to Fran, she could never commit herself to a woman as Fran loves privacy and books more than any female. Additionally, Fran’s exes said that Fran shows interest in someone for a few days, but then it fades quickly.

Fran also revealed that none of her relationships with women lasted longer than a few hours. It seems Fran could never be a monogamous lover. Also, Fran hated it when someone stayed at her apartment for more than a couple of hours. The longest that Fran has ever been with a girlfriend is for three years.

But then a picture circulated on the internet, which could have been Fran’s ex. In the photo supposedly taken in the 70s, Fran had her arms caringly tucked around a blonde woman.

Regardless, it is clear that even though Fran leans towards keeping her private life a secret, she mentions what her exes thought of her.

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