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Is Dan Bilzerian Married to a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Controversies.

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Image of Dan Bilzerian

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian, also known as Dan Bilzerian, is an Armenian-American poker player who is also a businessman and social media influencer. He was hailed as the “King of Instagram” before and has dominated social media since 2012.

His pictures of a lavish lifestyle, Gatsby-like mansions, and attractive ladies made him achieve the title.

Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980, in Tampa, America, and now his age is 42 years old. His father is an American businessman, while his mother is a housewife.

This influencer also graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Business and Criminology.

Is Dan Bilzerian Single?

Image of Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian is an Armenian-American poker player, businessman, and social media influencer.

With all those lavish and Gatsby-like lifestyles, there is a question that everyone wants to know. Is Dan Bilzerian married? Does Dan Bilzerian have a girlfriend? Well turns out the answer is No.

The influencer is not yet married. However, Dan does have experience being in love. His previous relationship was with a famous model Suelyn Medeiros. Also, he has past associations with Jessa Hinton.

But after those failed relationships, he met Lindsey Nicole Pelas; however, it also ended soon.

Controversies and Rumors about Dan Bilzerian

Last August 2014, the social media influencer was banned from Miami Nightclub because he kicked a model Vanessa Castano in the face during a brawl. In his defense, Castano and another woman attacked his female companion Bilzerian. Castano asked Bilzerian USD 1 Million to settle the suit, and they went to trial.

In the same year, Bilzerian was involved with pornographic actress Janice Griffith for a photoshoot in Hustler magazine. Bilzerian threw Griffith off the roof house into a pool. Her foot hit the edge and broke. The actress asked for $85,000 for her injuries, which Bilzerian rejected.

There are no rumors or information about his love life. Maybe he was not ready yet to enter such a commitment, as he focused on his career first.

Dan Bilzerian’s Personal Life

Dan Bilzerian suffered from two heart attacks before the age of 32, and it was because of his drug use abuse. But now he is laying low and doing great.

He runs a company called Ignite International Brands Ltd. This company sells electronic cigarettes, CBD oils, water bottles, and vodka. It is a private company located in Toronto, Canada.

The company started way back in January 2019 under the BILZF ticker. Based o the reports, the company lost $50Million in 2019 due to marketing and office rental expenses.

Despite all those challenges that the influencer faced, he still stands firm and has lived his lavish lifestyle up until now.

Dan Bilzerian’s Children

Dan Bilzerian does not have any children yet at his age.

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