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Is Chris Van Cleave Married to wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Chris Van Cleave

Chris Van Cleave is popular mainly as an actor, singer, and songwriter, among the many things he can do. He took different roles in the British and US national tours of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar as an actor-singer in the late 1970s.

He has a website featuring his background and works throughout his profession named Chris Van Cleave. Check this article out! Discover more about Chris Van Cleave’s relationship details, dating history, and kids.

Is Chris Van Cleave married to a new wife after divorce from Prissy Lancaster? Or dating a new girlfriend?

Image of Chris Van Cleave
Chris Van Cleave is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He was best known for his appearance in a theatre play called “Jesus Christ Superstar,” where he played the role of Jesus.

There are no reports and announcements regarding Chris Van Cleave having a new partner or getting married after his divorce from Prissy Lancaster. He is single as of the making of this article. The artist was married to ex-wife Prissy Lancaster.

The actor had a previous marriage. He wedded his ex-wife Prissy Lancaster, and they had two daughters. She was part of the 1975 cast Jesus Christ Superstar national tours in the United States, directed and choreographed by Beau Golden and Darrel Robertson.

There is barely any information about Chris Van Cleave’s ex-wife and their relationship specifics. Sadly, Chris Van Cleave and Prissy Lancaster separated for unknown reasons with no known details.

Chris Van Cleave’s short biography

For five decades, Chris Van Cleave has worked professionally as an actor/singer-songwriter and a voice artist for on- and off-camera storylines, film trailers, radio & TV advertisements, technical publications, and character animation.

He is one of the most diverse and prolific composers today. He has roughly a thousand compositions and eight albums composing musical theater, folk, rock, country, R&B, jazz, and reggae, which depicts his record of experiences and observations.

He went to Fort Hunt High School, Texas Christian University, majoring in Theater Arts, Career Academy Division of Broadcasting, US Army Signal School, and has a Master of Fine Arts in Acting finished at the University of Virginia.

His career started when he performed in his first musical, King and I when he was only 12 years old; he wrote songs the same year and was a lead singer for a Top 40 band when he was in high school. The singer presently resides in Staunton, Virginia.

Chris Van Cleave’s kids

The actor-singer reportedly has two kids. He has two daughters with Prissy Lancaster, whom he both took care of after their divorce.

Unfortunately, the public does not know his daughters’ information, including their names, ages, and birth dates.

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