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Is Chef Jon Kung Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Chef Jon Kung

A Chinese-American gourmet expert, Chef Jon Kung is globally known as a TikTok content creator. The chef specializes in cooking demonstrations and Asian cuisine.

Aside from being a professional cook and TikTok star, Jon Kung is also a model in the United States.

Chef Jon Kung’s extraordinary personality has allowed him to amass a huge fan base on multiple social media platforms.

His TikTok account has over 1.5 million followers and more than 27.2 million likes. His Instagram account has 186 thousand followers, his YouTube channel has 380 thousand subscribers, and his Twitter account has 56.5 thousand followers.

Read this further to know the details of TikTok famous Chef Jon Kung’s dating life. Does he have a wife? Find out in this article!

Is Chef Jon Kung married to a partner?

Image of Chef Jon Kung
Chef Jon Kung is a well-known chef. He was famous for making cooking videos/content on Tiktok.

According to sources, the famous chef currently is not married nor is dating anyone.

Yet, in a particular Twitter post of his in 2020, he had mentioned teaching a boyfriend how to use a Japanese bread maker.

However, there were no posts or pictures following the tweet, making it safe to assume that he is single or is just a private person.

According to his Twitter bio, chef Jon Kung has not publicly disclosed his sexual orientation though he proudly raises a rainbow flag in his Instagram bio; he identifies himself as They/He.

A short biography on Chef Jon Kung

Professional Chef Jon Kung was born Jonathan Kung on the 5th day of April 1984, and he had recently turned 38 years old.

He grew up in Toronto and Hong Kong and is of Chinese descent; presently, he resides in Detroit, Michigan, where he graduated from Eastern Michigan University and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

Chef Jon Kung has actively shared his love for Anime, mainly for Naruto, among other things, and adoration for his dogs on his social media accounts.

Before the COVID pandemic, the chef ran small private dinner parties at his studio in Eastern Market, where guest lists were made only through word of mouth.

Until the pandemic, the chef stopped being secretive and finally showed the world his ways of cooking.

He created a YouTube channel in August 2020 and a TikTok account in May 2020, where, without a doubt, his audience had significantly grown broader inspiring millions of people stuck at home.

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