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Is Barry Bond Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids.

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Image of Barry Bonds

Barry Lamar Bond, better known as Barry Bond, is an American former basketball player. He first rose to prominence when he joined the basketball team called “Pittsburgh Pirates” in 1986.

He lasted for six years on the said team. He became more popular when he moved to a group called “San Francisco Giants” in 1993.

Due to his skills when it comes to athletics, he has won various awards like “The Best Moment ESPY Award” in 2002, “Best Male Athlete ESPY Award in 1994, and “Hank Aaron Award” in 2001, 2002, and 2004. Additionally, Barry only lasted until 2007 in “San Francisco Giants” because he was accused of using drugs for him to make an outstanding performance in the court.

Following that, the former professional basketball player Barry Bond was married twice in his life. He is a father of three.

Want to know Barry Bond’s wife? Continue reading because this write-up will talk about his previous relationship and kids.

This may also contain details about whether he is married to his wife or dating again.

Is Barry Bond Married to wife?

Image of Barry Bonds with his former partner, Susann Margreth Branco
Barry Bonds with his former partner, Susann Margreth Branco

As stated by some reports, the previous left fielder of the team, “San Francisco Giants,” is not dating or seeing anyone as of 2022. He remains single after his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

The chances of seeing the new Barry Bond’s wife are a little slim as the player keeps his privacy at the moment. We will surely update this write-up once information and details about Barry Bond’s wife surface.

Barry Bond’s Past Relationships.

Just like what this article mentioned above, Barry Bond has been married twice in his life. Barry Bond’s wife is Susann Margreth Branco.

Any details on how the ex-partners’ love story started are not accessible to any media yet. But based on some relevant sources, Susan and Barry have been married for six years.

As a result of their love, they have two children. After quite some years, Barry met Liza Watson and started dating in 1997.

After one year, the former partners got married in 1998. Their marriage lasted for more than ten years.

Due to their love for each other, Barry Bond’s wife birthed their daughter named Aisha. After getting a divorce from his second wife, he again tried to love another girl.

Kimberly Bell was the last girl that he had been to. Their relationship lasted for nine years.

Unfortunately, the reason why they broke up is not revealed to the public.

Barry Bond’s Kids

Image of Barry Bonds with his kids, Nikolai, Shikari, and Aisha Bonds
Barry Bonds with his kids, Nikolai, Shikari, and Aisha Bonds

The famous basketball player, Barry Bond, is a father of three. He has two children with his first wife named, Susan.

Their names are Nikolai, born in 1990, and Shikari, born in 1991.

Sadly, Barry is not that close to his two children, but he is close to his last child named, Aisha. Aisha is his daughter with his second wife named, Liz Watson.

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