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Is Ira Glass Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Ira Glass

Ira Jeffrey Glass, commonly known as Ira Glass, is a public radio personality and a producer from the USA. He has appeared on several other NPR programs, such as All Things Considered Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and Morning Edition, in addition to hosting and producing the radio and television series “This American Life.”

Ira is a native of Baltimore and got his start in the radio industry when he was just a youngster. During his summer holidays from Brown University, he worked at NPR alongside Keith Talbot while employed there. 

Read more to know Ira Glass’ wife, is he married? And is he married to an ex-wife, and does he have any kids?

Is Ira Glass Married to Wife?

Image of Ira Glass
Ira Glass is an American public radio personality. He is also known as the host and producer of the radio and television series This American Life.

Ira Glass has not remarried; hence, there is no information on this website regarding his new wife. However, he does not reveal any information about the people he has dated over the course of these years, even though he is open about his dating patterns.

Glass, well-known for his high-profile separation from his ex-wife Anaheed Alani in the year 2017, disclosed to the public that he had been dating once more. On the other hand, it would appear that he is considering whether or not he should restart his marriage and begin a new family.

Currently, he is occupied with taking care of his works and engaging with his listeners and followers. We will update this write-up once information about Ira Glass’ wife becomes available. 

Ira Glass was married to his wife Anaheed Alani from 2005 to 2017

In 2017, Ira Glass and his ex-wife Anaheed Alani finalized their divorce and became legally single again. The fact that Glass and Alani had previously been separated for a significant amount of time was the real impetus behind their divorce.

The couple had been living apart for three years before finalizing their divorce in 2017. Glass stated that they were constantly arguing while living together, and he even referred to the situation as a “Middle East crisis” in their house.

The couple had been married since 2005, but their union was officially dissolved in March 2017. In addition, their previous dating experiences were marked by ongoing arguments.

Ira and Anaheed’s divorce was widely regarded as one of the ugliest divorces in the history of the entertainment industry. On the other hand, Glass and Alani decided to give their relationship another shot and eventually tied the knot.

After a saddening twelve years of marriage and sixteen years of cohabitation, they finally parted ways.

Does Ira Glass have kids?

Although Ira and his ex-wife Anaheed were married for more than a decade and tried unsuccessfully to conceive a child together, they could not do so and did not have a child before their divorce. Let’s hold off till the public radio personality has been married to his wife for an extended period and has established a family with her.

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