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Iggy Pop is Married to Wife: Nina Alu. Kids: Eric Benson

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Image of Iggy Pop an American Musician, Singer, and Songwriter

Iggy Pop (born James Newell Osterberg Jr.) is an American proto-punk rock musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. Since his influential days with the proto-punk band ‘The Stooges,’ he has been dubbed the ‘Godfather of Punk’ in the music industry.

The southpaw guitarist is primarily known for his outrageous antics on stage, such as rolling in peanut butter or broken glass, jumping from the stage, insulting the audience, and bending his body like a pretzel.

He is credited with the rise of punk rock over the years by the music community. He has also mastered the musical genres of new wave, jazz, garage rock, hard rock, and art rock, in addition to punk rock, throughout his career.

With Iggy’s sun setting, does he have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife, romantic endeavors, and son of Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop’s Three Marriage

Image of Iggy Pop with his wife Nina Alu
Iggy Pop with his wife, Nina Alu

Iggy Pop is a husband and father. He had three marriages: Wendy Weissberg, Suchi Asano, and Nina Alu.

In 1968, he married Wendy Weissberg. Weissberg was Jewish and the daughter of a wealthy businessman who operated a discount store chain.

She moved in with Pop after the wedding. Pop’s presence among his bandmates became a significant source of quarrels in his marriage.

He eventually understood that he had to choose between his job and marriage. Pop then told her to leave after two weeks of marriage.

Weissberg stated in the divorce papers that Iggy was gay. After that, he found inspiration for the Stooges’ first album, Betsy.

Pop formed a bond with Sable Starr, a 13-year-old girl. No matter how many other women he saw on the side, he always returned to her.

He was 23 years old at the time. After this, he went on to find a wife for the second time in Suchi Asano.

In 1984, they married and divorced in 1998. It took Pop only a year to find love again.

He met Nina Alu in 1999. They had moved in together by the year 2000. Eight years later, their wedding took place.

The Godfather’s Wife: Nina Alu

Image of Nina Alu wife of the Godfather of the punk
Nina Alu, wife of the Godfather of Punk

Nina Alu was a flight attendant when the punk star met her. Pop said she was so stunningly beautiful, making him fall in love so fast.

At 52 years of age, Nina still is as gorgeous as in her younger years, proving to the public why The Godfather of Punk chose to settle with her.

Iggy Pop’s Kids: Eric Benson

Pop has had no children with any of his three spouses. Nonetheless, he is the father of a child.

Eric, his son, was with Paulette Benson, a friend of his. However, he did not raise him.

Even though Eric worked for him in the ’80s, they are reportedly not close. He did not, however, raise him.

Despite the fact that Eric worked for him in the 1980s, the two are said to be estranged.

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