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Hodgetwins Wife: Meet Keith and Kevin Hodge Wife

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Image of active social media influencers, Hodgetwins, Keith and Kevin

The Hodgetwins are one of the active social media influencers out there. Hodgetwins is a duo comprised of two twin brothers who are the familiar faces on YouTube for a decade. These twins are Keith and Kevin Hodge. Just like their names, one may also find many similarities in their appearance.

Regardless, this duo known as Hodgetwins garnered fame through their multiple YouTube channels, including TwinMuscle, Hodge Twins, Hodgetwins vlogs, Conservative Twins, and AskHodgeTwins for different contents, like love advice, fitness, comedy, etc. The twins’ Instagram page alone has over two million followers. Channeling that fame, the Hodgetwins later branched out to do stand-up comedians.

Being one of the polarizing and controversial comedians, millions of fans have taken a keen interest in their personal matters. Born on September 17, 1975, their fans know how tough childhood the Hodgetiwns had to endure in Virginia. But after finding some financial stability and fame through social media, their happily married life is always their fans’ subject of interest.

So far, it has come to the attention that the Hodgetwins are married men, and each has more than a decade-long married life.

Hodgetwins: Keith Hodge Wife, Kids, and Married life

Though the Hodgetwins are vocal when making fun of politics, they are silent while speaking of their private lives. However, sources claim that one of the Hodge brothers, Keith, is married to a Mexican woman.

Keith Hodge Wife

According to a post posted on the Hodgetwins’ Facebook page, Keith Hodge is married to Elizabeth. Moreover, it has been over 19 years since their marriage, says the reports. According to Everipedia, Keith and Elizabeth walked down the aisle on May 31, 2000.

Married Life

Most of the time, fans can only see the two black Americans on YouTube. However, their wives occasionally make an appearance to look at their husbands while shooting videos for YouTube. It seems that Keith’s wife prefers not to come to share the spotlight with her husband.

However, looking at Elizabeth’s Twitter feed, she seems to be a great supporter of her husband’s work. Other than posting her thoughts, Elizabeth also puts pictures of her and her family. In 2015, Elizabeth and Keith were seen playing some cowboy game. However, Elizabeth has not posted anything since 2015.

Other than that, Elizabeth has not revealed what her profession is.

Hodgetwins, Keith in blue jacket with his wife, Elizabeth
Active social media influencer, Keith and his wife, Elizabeth.

Keith Hodge Children

So far, Keith and Elizabeth are the parents of three children; one daughter and two sons. Their children should be 20, 14, and 12 years old as of 2021. Although their sons’ identities are still unknown, their daughter’s name is Dana (Melina). Moreover, Dana is becoming a budding social media icon, just like her father and uncle. Much like her father, Dana Hodge is also a Youtuber. Dana has over 80k subscribers on her channel and 13.1K followers on Instagram.

Dana often posts vlogs and videos relating to her daily life. Most recently, Dana posted a video where she is suspicious of her boyfriend, who might be playing games with her. Also, in a video that Dana uploaded on August 25, 2020, one of the fans asked her regarding her father’s political views. Despite Keith’s controversial statements, Dana is in full support of her father’s political views. Also, she replied by saying that he is the one who gave her life, and she loves her no matter what.

Some claim Nayeli Sheff and Prince Sheff to be the Hodge twins’ children, but that is not true. Instead, they were the children of their cousin, whose name also happened to be Keith Hodge. Their cousin’s children were the victims who got shot during a road-rage, and the Hodge brothers asked to help them through donations.

Hodgetwins: Kevin Hodge Wife and Kids

Unlike Keith, Kevin is not at all open about his married life. Hence, there is not much media covering his married life. It is clear that Kevin Hodge keeps his married life a low profile. However, there was a picture posted on Instagram where Kevin reveals the faces of his wife and his sister. Kevin posted this picture on Thanksgiving Day.


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A post shared by Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins)

According to a source, Kevin Hodge also married around the same time his twin brother married. Though not much is available about Kevin’s married life, we can say for sure that his marriage is a strong one. Moreover, in an interview with LA Weekly magazine in 2016, Kevin Hodge revealed that the secret of his strong marriage is good communication and compromises.

Judging by the interview, it seems Kevin and his wife had some ups and downs in their marriage but were understanding of one another.

The Hodgetwins with their wives
The active social media influencers, Kevin and Keith with their partners.


Kevin Hodge shares a total of four children with his Mexican wife. Kevin’s little ones have grown well by 2021 as they have now reached the age of 25, 18, 13, and 9 years. Seeing how his cousin’s children almost lost their lives, Kevin is extra careful when caring for his little ones.

All in all, the twins do not like to share their personal matters with the public. However, the Hodge brothers most certainly appreciate their wives’ hard work into looking after the family. As proof of this statement, both the Hodge brothers comically wished their wives a Happy Fathers’ Day on social media and thanked them for giving fatherly love to their children when they were busy touring the world.

This was also the only time the Hodgetwins revealed their wives on social media by posting their pictures. Though Kevin and Keith are fitness enthusiasts, their wives do not share the same interest.

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