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Herschel Walker is Married to Wife: Julie Blanchard.

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Image of Herschel Walker with his wife, Julie Blanchard

Herschel Walker is a football player that had success in different industries. Herschel played for the  Philadelphia Eagles.

Herschel was born on March 3, 1962. He grew up in  Wrightsville, Georgia, and struggled as a kid because of his stuttering.

But his mom pushed him to work hard and achieve greatness in life. Walker was a terrific athlete during his youth.

Walker played football, basketball, and track for Johnson County High School in Wrightsville. After this, he went to the University of Georgia and played as a running back for their football team.

Right after his junior year, Walker became a professional. He entered the United States Football League and won the USFL rushing title in 1983.

By 1996, Herschel played for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. He was a star running back that made an immediate impact on the league.

After his time there, he went to the Minnesota Vikings and got the team to reach the Super Bowl. He had the greatest rushing performance by a Viking since 1983.

The football star continued to play in the NFL and retired in 1997. He also had a career in bobsledding and mixed martial arts.

With the busy career of the football player, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife of Herschel Walker.

Who is Herschel Walker’s wife? Stay tuned to meet her!

Herschel Walker’s Wife: Julie Blanchard.

Image of Herschel Walker with his wife, Julie Blanchard
Herschel Walker with his wife, Julie Blanchard

Herschel Walker has had a very colorful career. Outside his excellence, he also had success when it comes to love.

Herschel Walker is married to wife Julie Blanchard. The two has a very young relationship.

They tied the knot during a private wedding ceremony in 2021. The venue was in their hometown, Texas.

It is said that the married couple has lived a very prosperous life together. Ever since their wedding, the two are often seen together at different events and places along the country.

Julie Blanchard’s Biography

Herschel Walker’s wife is a lovely woman named Julie Blanchard. She is an American citizen that lives in Texas.

Julie is not all looks. She is a talented artist and has a passion for art.

Herschel Walker’s wife also indulges herself in photography as it keeps her relaxed and free. She often takes portraits of landscapes and individuals that captures her interest especially in the environment.

Julie also received backlash after an incident regarding the 2021 state elections. Blanchard reportedly voted in Georgia even though her address was in Texas.

After a thorough investigation, it was found that Herschel Walker’s wife did not violate any laws regarding her address. People say that the rumors spread because of her husband’s bid for US Senate.

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