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Henry Louis Gates Ex-Wife: Sharon Adams

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Image of Henry Louis Gates

Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. is a well-known and respected American professor. He is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research.

His youth was spent mostly in  Keyser, West Virginia. He was a normal kid during his childhood and often got injuries when playing.

In 1968, he enrolled at West Virginia University‘s Potomac State College. He then moved to Yale University, where he graduated in 1973.

As a professor, Gates had a high role in the community. He used this opportunity to lift black communities and raise awareness about the harsh realities that the culture is experiencing.

He continued his works and inspired a lot of students during his time. He also built many academic institutions that would focus on studying the “black culture.”

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Henry Louis Gates Ex-wife: Sharon Adams relationship status.

Henry Louis Gates Ex-Wife: Sharon Adams

Image of Henry Louis Gates
Henry Louis Gates is an American literary critic, professor, historian, filmmaker, and public intellectual.

Gates was previously married to the lovely Sharon Adams. The two met during their time working for the Rockefeller operations.

In 1972, Henry and Sharon helped Jay Rockefeller with his campaign. They had an exciting relationship before Henry’s eventual proposal of marriage.

The lovely couple married in a private and small wedding ceremony in 1979. The event was held in Henry’s brother, Rocky’s place.

The two had been living together for a long time and said that the ceremony was for formalities only. Their relationship lasted until 1999, when they filed for divorce.

Sadly, Henry and Sharon’s relationship did not last forever. But today, the ex-lovers are living their own lives with fulfillment in their hearts.

Sharon Adams’ Biography

Sharon Lynn Adams is an American woman that previously worked for Jay Rockefeller and helped him in his campaign as the governor of West Virginia. She used to teach at Duke University as a Professor of Fine Arts.

She had a rough childhood because of her family’s different problems. Sharon’s father was a coal miner named Edward Elwyn jack Adams.

Her mother, Doris Evelyn Lee, is a housewife. Henry Gates’ ex-wife had three siblings.

She has a sister named Sandy. And two brothers called Robert and Edward.

Sharon went to Yale University for her college degree. After her studies, she immediately worked as a lecturer.

Louis Gates’ Kids

Even though the ex-couple eventually parted ways, they still did not lose their love for their family and kids. Henry and Sharon are blessed with two lovely daughters.

Their firstborn is Liza Gates. She is a lovely woman that grew up like her mother.

Their second-born child is Meggie Gates. The family once had a documentary together.

Henry and Sharon, alongside their children, went to ZimbabweZambia, and Tanzania and traveled for more than 3000 miles.

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