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Harrison Smith is Married to Wife: Madison Bayless Bankston.

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Image of Harrison Smith with his wife, Madison Bayless Bankston

Harrison Smith is a player for Minnesota Vikings as a football player. His team belongs to the National Football League (NFL).

The player started his career in college by being a football player for Notre Dame College. Because of this, he was listed in the 2012 NFL Draft’s first round, and over all the players, he was picked 29th.

On the 2nd of February 1989, the professional athlete was born. His parents were inspired by the actor Harrison Ford when they named their son.

According to reports, Harrison went to Knoxville Catholic High School. This is where he got his first professional training as a football player.

Aside from being a football player, he is also a player of ran track and basketball. It was obvious that the athlete is into sports and is most likely to excel in whatever he chooses to specialize in.

Are you curious about Harrison Smith’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about the marriage of the football player.

Harrison Smith is Married to Madison Bayless Bankston

Image of Harrison Smith with his wife, Madison Bayless Bankston
Harrison Smith with his wife, Madison Bayless Bankston

Being a man of skills and talent, the dating interest of the professional athlete is often looked up on the internet. According to reports, Harrison Smith is already married to a wife named Madison Bayless Bankston.

It was disclosed by a close friend that the couple has been dating for a long time. They started as friends and eventually turned into lovers.

The details regarding their marriage are not disclosed to the public as of this writing. However, they are frequently seen in public having their random dates.

The couple always makes sure to support each other in their respective endeavors. This is the reason why they are both successful in their preferred fields.

Minnesota Viking player has good taste in women. Harrison Smith’s wife is the evidence of the athlete’s good choice when it comes to the best things in life.

Further details regarding their relationship and marriage are not known to the public as of 2022. However, the couple is enjoying the time of their lives by traveling around the world.

Although they are being private about it, fans quickly discover what they are up to. Even though they have an idea of the whereabouts of the couple, they expressed that they respect their time.          

Who is Madison Bayless Bankston?           

Aside from being Harrison Smith’s wife, Madison Bayless Bankston is a substantial woman who currently works as an assistant director of a company named Friends of Literacy. Moreover, she is also an accountant manager at Sum Total Systems.

One can infer how intelligent and graceful this woman is given her experiences in life and career-wise. According to reports, Madison went to Albany High School for her secondary studies.

Not long after, she attended the University of Tennessee for her collegiate degree. Smith once mentioned that his wife is also aligned with sports.

Back when she was still in high school, she was an athlete in track and field. Regarding the personal life of Harrison Smith’s wife, her parents were identified as Kim Hudgens and Edward Bankston.

She is not an only child and has a brother named Steven Crockett. Bankston’s father died due to a motorcycle accident.

The unfortunate event took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on the 16th of March year 2013. Further details about Harrison Smith’s wife are not known to the public as of this writing.

We will surely quickly update this article once information about Madison Bankston is published online.

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