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Harrison Butker is Married to Wife: Isabelle Butker. Kids: James

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Image of the Place Kicker of the American football team Kansas City Chiefs

Harrison Butker, often known as Butt Kicker, is an American football placekicker for the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs (NFL). He was a Georgia Tech football player in college.

With a career field goal percentage of 90.1 percent (minimum 100 attempts), he is second only to Justin Tucker in NFL history.

After starting up the sport as an emerging sophomore, he attended The Westminster Schools, where he joined the football team as a rising sophomore. During his time, he set the school record with a 53-yard field goal.

He was a three-sport athlete who excelled in basketball, football, and soccer, earning three state titles in soccer and serving as the first-chair tuba player for the school’s symphonic band for all four years.

Are you curious about Harrison Butker’s wife, controversy, and kid? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him.

Harrison Butker married to wife: Isabelle Butker. 

Image if Harrison Butker and his wife during their wedding
Harrison Butker and his wife during their wedding

On February 10, 2018, he married Isabelle in a devout Christian ceremony. Before marrying, the couple dated for nearly eight years. The lovely couple is high school sweethearts who met at the Westminister in Georgia.

After he joined the practice team of the Carolina Panthers, Isabelle followed him to study at the Georgia Institute of Technology until he signed a contract for Kansas City Chiefs.

After Butker proposed to Isabelle on May 9, 2017, he posted a homage to the woman who would become his future wife on Instagram. After their wedding, Butker posted the highlights of their special day, captioned that he would pray throughout time to have strength and perseverance to make the necessary sacrifices for his wife.

Who is Isabelle Butker?          

Image of Isabelle Butker with his husband
Isabelle Butker with his husband

Isabelle Butker was born in Mableton, Georgia, in 1994. Her parents, to whom she was born and with whom she spent most of her upbringing, are unknown. She is a private person who has kept her parents’ identities a secret and avoids the media and the internet.

Similarly, the same applies to her siblings, regardless of whether she has any. Despite the fact that Isabelle is well-known and has grown in fame due to her marriage to Harrison, she is a shy woman.

There is no information regarding her professional life, such as where she started her first work or what she does now.

However, Isabelle is a mother, and she may be preoccupied with caring for and raising her children in the same manner as her parents. She is a charming woman who understands how to manage and advance her child’s career.

Harrison Butker controversy 

During the pandemic, getting the COVID-19 vaccine has been a contentious topic worldwide. While NFL players were not needed to get vaccinated to play football, the league’s standards were more stringent for those who did not. But that is all in the past today, as the NFL has put its COVID-19 protocols on hold for the time being.

Butker discussed his thoughts on giving up football if he had to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine during a recent interview with Jon Root on the Breakaway podcast. He went on to say that retiring from the NFL would not be the end of the world for him.

Harrison Butker and Isabelle Butker’s kid 

Image of the American Professional Football Player with his family
American Professional Football Player with his family

According to reports, the couple has two children. James Augustine Butker, their first son, was born on January 27, 2019. There is not much information available on the identity of their second child.

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