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H2o Delirious is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Liz Kats. Kids.

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Image of H2o Delirious

Jonathan Gormon Dennis, famously known as H2o Delirious, is a prominent content creator on YouTube. His psychotic laugh is his signature on the online platform.

The birthdate of the YouTuber is known to be on the 2nd of May 1987. He was born in North Carolina, United States.

His debut on the streaming channel occurred on the 24th of May in 2007. Since his first video, the face of the content creator was never revealed.

The streamer’s content includes game streaming and just playing around with his friends. Most prominent on his channel are the contents which feature gaming.

Are you curious about H2o Delirious’ wife? Continue reading to learn more about the streamer including his dating status and kids. 

H2o Delirious’ Dating Status

Image of H2o Delirious
H2o Delirious is a gaming video creator

Even though the streamer’s face remains mysterious up to this day, his love life is always looked up on the internet. According to sources, he is dating a girlfriend as of this writing.

His girlfriend was identified to be a gamer named Liz Katz. It is not clear when their relationship started.

However, their togetherness was a frequent topic on Twitter. During that time, there were no confirmations whether they are actually dating or not.

The common interest of the couple in gaming is declared to be the reason why their bond is getting stronger day by day. Fans are anticipating the day when Liz would be pronounced as H2o Delirious’ wife.

As of this writing, the couple are living together. Despite being famous online personalities, they managed to keep their relationship private.

According to H2o, he wants to be away from the controversies because its stressful. The same goes for his girlfriend who is frequently a talk of the town.

Who is Liz Katz?

Image of Liz Katz
Liz Katz is an American cosplayer, actress, and model.

Liz Katz is known for being the girlfriend of the YouTuber, H2o Delirious. However, she is a person of her own wherein she is a cosplayer, model, writer, gamer, and a photographer.

According to the gamer, she has been interested to gaming since she was 2 years of age. Additionally, she disclosed that she has been playing McGee games and Dragon’s Lair on her father’s computer.

Moreover, she was a shy kid growing up because she has a severe social anxiety. Playing games eases her mind from the social anxiety she is experiencing.

The model became a cosplayer since she was a teenager. She started cosplaying at the young age of 17.

In 2014, she began playing and streaming in Twitch. She worked her way up and is now one of the most famous streamers in the application.

On the same year, she ranked 5th on Playboy magazine’s sexiest cosplayers. She rose to the 4th position as one of the sexiest cosplayers in 2016 in the FHM magazine.

As of 2022, she is ranked as one of the most prominent cosplayers around the globe. She is frequently invited to attend cosplay events as a guest of honor.

H2o Delirious’ Kids

Image of Liz Katz with her daughter
Liz Katz with her daughter

The confirmed relationship of the online personalities gave joy to a lot of their supporters. Although the streamer has always been mysterious, he was proud to announce the coming of his children.

On the 26th of June 2020, the YouTube content creator announced that they are anticipating their first child. On the 29th of September 2020, it was confirmed that their daughter was born into this world.

Not long after, on the 29th of May 2021, they confirmed that their second child is on the way. It was not confirmed what date their second child came, but it was sometime around Christmas.

The family remains to be private about their familial life. They are currently living peacefully with their 2 children. 

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