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Graham McTavish is Married to Wife: Gwen McTavish. Kids

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Image of Graham McTavish with his wife, Gwen McTavish

Graham McTavish is an artist and an author from Scotland. His most famous work is his role as Dwalin in the film trilogy named The Hobbit.

More notable roles of the actor are playing Dracula in Castlevania, Loki in marvel movies, The Saint of Killers in Preacher, an AMC series, and in the series Outlander as Dougal Mackenzie. In 2020, he co-wrote Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other.

The birthdate of the actor was discovered to be on the 4th of January 1961. His birthplace was in Glasgow, Scotland.

His parents were identified as Ellen and Alec McTavish. Their household regularly holds a political discussions; that is why Graham is most likely woke to political issues.

He has a degree in English literature from the Queen Mary University of London. This contributed to the actor’s expertise in the art of acting.

Are you curious about Graham McTavish’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about the author, including his marriage and kids, in this Wikipedia-type article.

Graham McTavish is Married to Gwen McTavish

Image of Graham McTavish with his wife, Gwen McTavish
Graham McTavish with his wife, Gwen McTavish

Being a notable person in his career, his love life of Graham is frequently searched on the internet. According to sources, he is already married to a wife.

Graham McTavish’s wife is discovered to be Gwen McTavish. They have been together for more than three decades as of this writing.

Their romance is still evident up to this day. The couple frequently shares about their relationship on social media.

The actor never fails to appreciate his wife and vice versa. They claimed that they would not be in their respective positions now without the support of one another.

Despite being public figures, they have managed to keep their relationship private. Although they occasionally share snippets of their togetherness, intricate details are kept under wraps. 

Who is Gwen McTavish?

Aside from being Graham McTavish’s wife, Gwen is also a person of her own. Before meeting the actor, she is already a filmmaker and a director.

One can say that they are a match made in heaven because of the interest they share. It indeed made their bond stronger.

There are no specific details regarding the early life of the director. She only rose to stardom when they revealed their relationship to the public.

Despite being the wife of a famous actor, she does not want to be involved in any publicity. Thus, having social media is not an option for her.

Because of her expertise in the field, she has made a name for herself. She is the perfect example of a strong and independent woman.                       

Graham McTavish’s Kids

Image of Graham McTavish with his daughters
Graham McTavish with his daughters

Being married for more than three decades, the couple already managed to build a beautiful family of four. According to sources, they have two beautiful daughters as of this writing.

The name of their firstborn is Honor McTavish. She is already 15 years of age as of this writing.

Meanwhile, the second-born child was named Hope McTavish. It was confirmed that she is ten years old as of 2022.

Despite being private, they allow their children to be their people. Their eldest, Honors, played a role as a young Hobbit in a special edition of An Unexpected Journey.

According to their loving father, he still remembers the day when Honor was born. It was indeed one of the best days of his life.

When their daughters were born, the couple stated that nothing matters aside from their kids anymore. They became the most important person from that moment on.

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