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Glen Naessens is Married to Wife: Suzan. Kids.

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Image of Glen Naessens

Glen Naessens is a reality television star, musician, and actor from the United States. In 1993, he made an appearance on the reality television show The Real World: Los Angeles. Glen came in as a stand-in for David Edwards, who was evicted in episode 7.

In 1994, he appeared on Love Street, in 2001 on The Private Public, and in 1993 on Ultimate Desire. Glen, 51, was born on April 20, 1970, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He has not revealed anything about his parents or siblings, assuming he has any. Naessens tries to keep his personal life private and from the public eye.

Learn more about Glen Naessens’ wife, controversy, and kids as we further reveal some personal information about him.

Glen Naessens is married to Suzan.

Image of Glen Naessens with his co-cast members
Glen Naessens, with his co-cast members in the reality show who starred in called “The Real World: Los Angeles.”

Suzan, the love of his life and a long-time friend is his wife. Unfortunately, Glen Naessens has not revealed any specifics about their relationship, owing to his desire to keep his personal life private.

Glen Naessens’ controversy

The controversy began with discussing the massive Black Lives Matter protests when Tami asked co-star Jon Brennan, a Southern conservative and white male, about his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

He acknowledged that some white individuals are racist. He retaliated by saying: “They do not seem to mind.

They have a name that I will not repeat.” Glen jumped in, declaring he could not “see color,” which only increased Tami’s annoyance. After Edwards lamented that “this is what the political system wants, to divide and conquer,” Naessens told of a time when someone called his friend the N-word in a pizza shop, using the word in the process.

Roman, taken aback, told her costar that he “should not say it.” “You do not realize that I am stating to you that the word should not come out of your white a— mouth,” Roman added after a heated exchange in which Naessens continued to justify his word choice. The mayhem does not stop there.

Berrera-Kearns interjected to chastise Naessens for using the word – while using it herself. “You do not speak that either, because you are Latina,” Roman added.

Roman, irritated that Edwards kept silent and did not have her back during the exchange, remarked in her confessional, “I am irritated. It is not my responsibility to teach you about equality or how to appreciate another human being; that is not my responsibility.”

Glen Naessens’ kids

The lovely couple is the proud parents of a single child. However, they have not revealed any details about their child.

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