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Glen de Vries is Married to Wife: Maria Bucheimer. Kids

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Image of Glen de Vries with his wife, Maria Bucheimer

In this modern world full of viruses, lethal and other hazardous substances, people like Glen de Vries pave the way to help the advancement of medical science and pharmacology reach its peak. He is a businessman and entrepreneur of a company that handles various medical and clinical trials known as Medidata Solutions.

While commoners and people would not know him or his work, we should all consider the contribution that he has made to medicine and its progress. He may not directly influence our lives, but it is quite possible that the work he had done in science possibly affected us in strange ways before.

In addition to his conglomerate, the entrepreneur is also a bright commercial astronaut and has commandeered a spacecraft. Sadly, his pursuit of making life bearable and saving those in dire need of help also placed his life in grave danger, ultimately killing him.

While he was aboard a Cessna 172, Thomas Fischer would tragically meet their fate as they crashed into a wooded lot near Hampton Township in New Jersey. The crash took the life of the business personality and his passenger, breaking the hearts of people close to him and leaving a legacy to remember at age 49.

Who is Glen de Vries’ wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Glen de Vries is Married to Wife Maria Bucheimer since 2011

Image of Glen de Vries with his wife, Maria Bucheimer
Glen de Vries with his wife, Maria Bucheimer

As awful as the news may sound, he enjoyed his time here on earth, especially under the care of his very loving and caring partner. Glen de Vries’ wife is named Maria Bucheimer, and she, along with many others that care for the mogul, got their hearts broken by his sudden death.

It is rumored that he and Glen de Vries’ wife met at local bar years before their marriage. A place where you people go to release their pain and loneliness, maybe have a good time, became the birthplace of their loving relationship.

Glen de Vries’ married life with his wife would last for at least a decade until it came crashing down on October 13, 2021. Unbeknownst to people, what seemed to be a fun and joyous trip became a nightmare that we would all dread until the rest of our lives.

Glen de Vries’ Previous Relationships

Knowing the CEO, there is no doubt that his dedication to business and medicine is of utmost priority. So it’s not surprising to see that he did not have any romantic partners before meeting his wife.

Some sources suggest that he might have dated a few ladies back in his day. But it was all rumors, and it might stay that way since the businessman is not with us anymore.

Before his death, he had not spoken to any news regarding his romantic life. So there is just no evidence that would support some people’s claims that he had dated a few women before.

Maria Bucheimer’s Biography

There is little to no information available regarding the mogul’s wife. Some reports suggest that she is currently employed in her husband’s business and has been kept quite a position in the office since his passing.

Unfortunately, there are no details that would prove these theories, but the fact that she is the wife of the entrepreneur makes it possible. Moreover, there are also not a lot of details when it comes to her heritage and ethnic background.

Glen de Vries’ Kids

The lovers’ relationship was a pretty peaceful one. It shied away from all controversy and rumors that would often take a toll on many famous people’s lives.

This, paired with their inherent silence towards the topic, made people speculate that they do not have a child. Sadly, her husband is not there anymore to make it possible, and having no kids might be the case for this beautiful couple.

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