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Ginger Billy is Married to Wife: Leah Beasley Parkins. Kids.

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Image of Ginger Billy with his wife, Leah Beasley Parkins

Adam Parkins is a name comedy fans might not recognize at first, but they will slowly understand that he is the same person as Ginger Billy. He is a social media personality with racked numbers because of his exciting videos.

A YouTube channel filled with ridiculous videos such as “I built a zombie apocalypse truck & ran it thru a wall of FIRE” and “I Told my wife to trim her bush.”. These content types appealed to the general public, and he gained quite an active following.

Unbeknownst to people, the funny Ginger man is also an excellent licensed Respiratory Therapist. He worked for 12 years in the medical field before venturing and trying out comedy for himself.

From quick videos posted on Facebook to several subscribers that await his every upload. He proved that there is nothing that we should fear when trying new things and going out of our comfort zones.

Who is Ginger Billy’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Ginger Billy has been Married to his Wife, Leah Beasley Parkins, since 2004.

Image of Ginger Billy
Ginger Billy is a Registered Respiratory Therapist. He is also known as a comedian and a social media personality,

Years before the star entered the social media era of the internet, he had already been married to his loving partner. Ginger Billy’s wife, Leah Parkins, has carried the surname of Adam for almost two decades now.

The couple’s love could be a testament to how authentic and genuine their love towards each other is. Because before getting the success and fame that he enjoys now, Leah already loves him with all of her heart.

Ginger Billy’s Previous Relationships

Given that the couple has been married for years now, it’s pretty challenging to say whether or not the comedian had a romantic partner before. Because of this, it is safe to assume that even though he has not disclosed anything yet regarding his dating history, Ginger Billy’s wife Leah might be his first and only lover.

Leah Beasley Parkins’ Biography

Ginger Billy’s wife is the beautiful woman that has always stayed by his side, supporting and taking care of him. Leah Beasley Parkins came from the town of Union in South Carolina and is Caucasian.

Interestingly enough, her occupation does not fall quite far from her husband’s. She is a registered nurse at the hospital named Spartanburg Regional.

Despite not being officially stated by the couple themselves, people think that their meeting was made possible due to their jobs being closely related.

Ginger Billy’s Kids

Image of Ginger Billy with his wife, Leah Beasley Parkins, and their son, Dale, Jr.
Ginger Billy with his wife, Leah Beasley Parkins, and their son, Dale, Jr.

Judging by the years that the couple has become wedded, it’s pretty surprising to know that they only had one child. Dale Jr. is their son’s name, and he was born on the 1st of December 2014.

They had their first child ten years after becoming Mr. and Mrs. Parkins officially. Well, we don’t judge people here; maybe the couple just liked the feeling of enjoying their youth and maximizing their time before becoming parents.

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