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Ghostface Killah is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Sophia Diggs. Kids

Image of Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah is a prominent song composer and rapper from the United States of America. Previously, he belonged to the hip-hop group with the name Wu-Tang Clan.

However, when each member had already established their name in the industry, the group went on their solo careers. Ghostface Killah his debut single was entitled Ironman, which was released in 1996.

He was delivered into this world as Dennis David Coles on the 9th day of May in 1970. Presently, he is enjoying his days with his family alongside continually creating music for the world to enjoy.

People are curious if there is a woman who already enjoys the title of Ghostface Killah’s wife. Find out by continuing reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes information about his dating status and kids.

Ghostface Killah’s Dating Status

Image of Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah is an American rapper. He is also known as a member of the hip-hop group called Wu-Tang Clan.

Being in the industry for more than two decades, people are aware of the non-existence of Ghostface Killah’s wife. However, it was discovered that he is in a relationship with a lovely woman named Sophia Diggs.

The couple started dating when the musician was still struggling with his career as a singer. Their relationship went through a lot, but they are still staying strong as of this writing.

People are looking forward to the day when Sophia will be pronounced as Ghostface Killah’s wife. Nonetheless, the rapper’s followers said that it is their choice as long as they are happy with their lives.

It was due to the fact that the couple looks like they do not have any plans to tie the knot. Fans assume they are already settled with their lives which is why marriage is not seen as an option.

Who is Sophia Diggs?

Image of Sophia Diggs with RZA

Sophia Diggs with RZA

Sophia Diggs is famously known as the presumed Ghostface Killah’s wife. Furthermore, she is also in the spotlight for being related to RZA, who is also a famous rapper.

Currently, there is not enough information about her published online. It was assumed that the presumed Ghostface Killah’s wife enjoys her private time and likes to stay away from the limelight.

The rapper is supportive of his girlfriend’s choice of staying away from the spotlight because he does not talk about her during his public appearance. The couple is frequently seen when the song composer does not have any shows.

They are still enjoying their time as boyfriend and girlfriend as of this writing. We will update this article when information about Ghostface Killah’s wife is already available for publishing.

Ghostface Killah’s Kids

The unions of the couple were discovered to deliver three talented boys into this world. The presumed Ghostface Killah’s wife is the mother of the rapper’s three children.

Their children’s names are Infinite, Supreme, and Sun God. They followed their father’s footsteps in the music and rapping industry.

Two of the children, namely Supreme and Sun God, are both rappers, while Infinite is a music artist. Nevertheless, Ghostface is surely proud of his children for their achievements.

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