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Gerard Way is Married to Wife: Lyn-Z. Kids: Bandit Lee Way

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Image of Gerard Way and Lyn-Z with their daughter, Bandit Lee Way

The name Gerard Way will likely jog memories of the people who have gone and underwent some Emo phase during their middle school days. He is a renowned musician, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and comic book writer.

He rose to prominence by being the frontman and co-founder of My Chemical Romance‘s iconic punk rock band. Together with his co-members, such as his brother Mikey, Ray Toro, Matt Pellisier, and Frank Iero, they would bring emo to the forefront of music charts and the world.

Of course, the band members are not permanent, people come and go, but Way is one of the substantial parts of the group. His robust vocals, mixed with impressive songwriting skills, cemented MCR into the Hall of Fame of Rock ‘n Roll.

Fast forward to 2013, The band went on a hiatus, and people were left wondering what would happen next. However, around this time, the singer would release a comic book franchise under the name The Umbrella Academy, which would then be picked up by Netflix and have its show.

Who is Gerard Way’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Gerard Way is Married to his Wife Lyn-Z since 2007

Image of Gerard Way with his wife, Lyn-Z
Gerard Way with his wife, Lyn-Z

Gerard Way’s wife is as talented as he is. As people often know her as Lyn-Z, Lindsey is also a fellow musician and singer-songwriter who is the bassist of another rock band known as Mindless Self Indulgence.

The couple allegedly met each other during My Chemical Romance’s touring that gave Lindsey’s band to work with them. Who knew that a music tour would bring the path of two destined individuals to intertwine and create a new life together?

Since then, the rest was history. They dated for a short while, after which they announced on the 3rd of September 2007 that they were officially Mr. and Mrs. Way.

Gerard Way Previous Relationships and Ex-Wife

Being the frontman’s famous personality, it would not surprise that he had quite the romance before meeting his current partner. Although it is a little blurry, several sources and forums suggest that Gerard’s former lover was a girl named Eliza Cuts.

There is little to no information regarding her because their relationship was brief and was surrounded by controversies and false allegations. People brand her as crazy and out of mind.

Several statements on the band’s Reddit forum say she faked a pregnancy to force the singer to be wedded to her. There are also rumors that she made a fan fiction story detailing a grotesque and graphic sexual abusive relationship that is believed to be a mirror of her sanity.

Of course, the musician would instantly drop the relationship with her seeing how twisted his partner was.

Lyn-Z’s Biography

Lindsey Ann Way is the actual name of Mindless Self Indulgence bassist Lyn-Z. Gerard Way’s wife has the same prowess and stage presence as our favorite singer.

She was born and raised in the town of Dunoon in Scotland and has spent a significant amount of her there exploring her passion and likes. As a kid, Gerard Way’s wife exposed herself to different art, from music to traditional crafts; she tried them all.

Lindsey would later discover that her ultimate calling was to play the bass, so she pursued it, which brought her to her successful career.

Gerard Way’s Kids

Image of Gerard Way and Lyn-Z with their daughter, Bandit Lee Way
Gerard Way and Lyn-Z with their daughter, Bandit Lee Way

The lovers’ affection towards one another resulted in the birth of their daughter Bandit Lee Way. She was born on the 27th of May 2007 and is turning 15 this 2022.

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