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George Muchai is Married to Wife: Susan Muchai. Kids: Joy Wamboi, Angelinet Wanjiru. 

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Image of George Muchai

George Muchai was a well-known Kenyan labor unionist and politician. Since the 2013 elections, he has been a member of the National Assembly for the Kabete Constituency.

The well-known Kenyan labor unionist and politician belonged to the Jubilee Alliance. George Muchai was coming from a family meal when his car was rammed in Nairobi on February 7, 2015.

The well-known Kenyan labor unionist and politician, his two bodyguards, and his driver were shot and killed as several armed people came from the other car. The bodyguards’ briefcase and two weapons were stolen.

One murder suspect was apprehended on February 11th, and seven individuals were brought to trial in 2015. In January 2020, the trial was still ongoing. Read this article further to discover the relationship details of The well-known Kenyan labor unionist George Muchai.

His wife, Susan Muchai, and their kids. Find out by reading this article.

George Muchai was married to a wife, Susan Muchai

Image of George Muchai
George Muchai was a Kenyan politician and trade unionist.

Susan Muchai is the widow of late Kabete member of parliament George Muchai and a very diligent woman who is always striving to achieve outcomes through her efforts.

The widow of the well-known Kenyan labor unionist George is also a mother. Her children remain mainly out of the public eye, as not everyone wants to bring their family troubles into the spotlight.

Susan Muchai has continued to raise her family to ensure that they achieve the kids’ father’s aspirations. Despite the fact that no definitive proof has been presented to bring the perpetrators to justice.

George’s widow, a born-again Christian, has forgiven and moved on from the George killers. Susan concentrated on her enterprises to ensure that her family obtained the greatest possible results in their lives.

Given that she is now the family earner with no one to rely on, she has shifted her focus to the family’s companies.

Susan Muchai’s Biography

Susan Muchai is the widow of the well-known Kenyan labor unionist George Muchai and a mother of three children.

Unfortunately, any other information such as her age, birthdate, parents, career, and early life is unknown to the public. Don’t worry, and we will update this article if we find any information.

George Muchai’s Kids

Susan Muchai prefers to keep her kids’ information because of the death of his husband. All we know is that their kids are both girls. They are Joy Wamboi and Angelinet Wanjiru.

Both are supporting their mother through the challenges they are facing after the death of their father. It is safe to say that the girls are of legal age, or at least in their teenage years.

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