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George Foreman is Married to Wife: Mary Martelly. Kids.

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Image of George Foreman with his wife, Mary Martelly

George Foreman is a former professional boxer that won multiple world championships. His boxing career spanned from 1967 to 1997.

George had suffered a very troubling childhood. Because of this, he started learning boxing and tried amateur boxing.

His passion for boxing gave him extra edge against his opponents. George won the gold medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics for boxing against his fellow heavyweights.

George’s rose to prominence quickly as he defeated the then world champion and undefeated Joe Frazier. He knocked Joe in the second round and was named the Best Heavy Weight globally.

Foreman’s boxing career was legendary. He fought 81 fights and won 76 of them.

He recorded 68 knockout wins and eight decision wins at the end of his professional boxing career. The legend retired after his last loss in 1997 against the top prospect, Shannon Briggs.

After his boxing career, George went on to be a philanthropist. Foreman helped many communities with his career earnings and lifted many people from poverty.

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about George Foreman’s wife and relationship status.

George Foreman is Married to Wife:  Mary Martelly

Image of George Foreman with his wife, Mary Martelly
George Foreman with his wife, Mary Martelly

The Olympic gold medalist boxer has had a long and decorated boxing career. But this did not hinder his chances of finding his true love.

George Foreman is married to his wife, Mary Martelly. The two had a very short relationship before getting married.

The lovely couple tied the knot in 1985. It was a private wedding ceremony intended to be solemn and spiritual.

Mary and George’s relationship did not only revolve around the two. They also did some philanthropic work that helped their community.

According to sources, the married couple has done various volunteer works related to AIDS awareness. One of their projects was to spread awareness of pediatric AIDS and how to prevent it.

Because of their passion and hard work, the couple was awarded the “A World Of Friends Fighting AIDS.”  George and Mary’s volunteer work did not end with them, and they passed their love for community service to their children.

Mary Martelly’s Biography

George is known as an elite boxer. But his excellence in boxing also reflected his choice of a partner.

George Foreman’s wife is Mary Martelly. Mary Joan Martelly spent most of her childhood in St. Lucia.

Mary is the mother of two of George’s daughters. She lives a private life away from the media and limelight.

Because of this, there is no available information about George Foreman’s wife. But this will be updated once details of Mary are revealed to the public.

George Foreman’s Kids

Mary and George’s love for each other have resulted in a large family. The lovebirds are parents to two lovely daughters.

Their first-born daughter is Natalie Foreman. She is now a professional singer with a family of her own.

George and Mary’s second daughter is Leola Foreman. She graduated from Texas Southern University and pursued a career in comedy.

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