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Is General Sam Married? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of General Sam with his first daughter, Madeline

General Sam is a YouTube star from the United States of America. He started as a gaming content creator and sometimes did live stream.

Samuel R. Hyrde was born on August 5, 1991. He grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, United States of America.

During his childhood, he did not get along very well with his brother. Sam liked playing video games on his Nintendo 64.

Even in his youth, Sam was already a hardcore gamer. This passion for gaming was passed on to him by his father.

General Sam’s debut on YouTube did not come easy. He started in 2013 with a substandard microphone.

The gamer saved his allowance and bought a decent microphone and computer to continue his passion. Because of his hard work, his video “DayZ: A Series of Betrayals” garnered over 15000 views.

This slowly made the General a YouTube gaming veteran. He uploaded more consistently and now has 1.29 million subscribers.

Even though the YouTuber has his own family now, Sam still uploads content regularly. His fans continue to support him with all of his ventures.

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about General Sam’s wife and relationship status.

Is General Sam Married?

Image of General Sam
General Sam is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, YouTuber, vlogger, gamer, and internet personality.

General Sam may seem like someone who only plays games. But despite his YouTube career, Sam also has another life behind the camera.

The famous YouTube personality is currently married to a longtime girlfriend, Abby. General Sam’s wife and he met on a bus in their hometown.

According to sources, Abby and Sam went to the same middle school and studied together. Since then, General Sam’s wife has never broken up with him and has stayed together for good.

Sam asked for Abby’s hand in marriage in Dahlonega, Georgia. After a few months, they decided to get married.

Abby and Sam tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony. It was attended by their immediate family and friends and some other guests.

The couple is now living with their family in their humble home.

General Sam’s Kids

Image of General Sam with his second daughter
General Sam with his second daughter

General Sam has been with Abby for a long time now. The two have been in a relationship for more than five years.

Because of their love for each other, the Lord blessed them with two beautiful children. Their first daughter is named Madeline.

Madeline was born in July of 2018. Three years later, Sam and Abby welcomed their second child to the world.

Their second daughter’s name was not revealed to General Sam’s fans. The family lives together in their house in Georgia.

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