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Gary Owen Wife Kenya and Kids

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American standup comedy artist, Gary Owen wife Kenya

Gary Owen is an American standup comedy artist. He made his breakthrough in 1997 when the standup comedy show Comic View featured him. Following that, Gary also starred in movies like Little Man and Daddy Day Care in the early 2000s. He was also a serviceman in the U.S. Navy for six years before he gravitated towards the entertainment industry.

The comedian is the host of The Gary Owen Show aired in 2016 and has endowed live performances with big African names like Shaq O’Neal. As a result, Gary is immensely loved even in Africa. The TV personality is in the spotlight for some time due to his estranged relationship with his wife, Kenya Duke. Moreover, the couple recently separated from their marriage.

Today, we talk about Gary Owen and his wife, Kenya Duke. Additionally, we’ll also emphasize their recent divorce and the reasons behind it.

Gary Owens Talks About His Divorce with Kenya Duke

Gary Owens was recently invited to a talk show The Wendy Williams Show. In the interview, Williams asked Gary several uncomfortable questions relating to his divorce from his ex-wife Kenya Duke. Now, Gary hadn’t spoken about the matter before and insisted not to talk about it as his lawyer suggested. However, he told his fans that a big surprise awaited. He mentioned that he would reveal some things that’ll completely change the course of his divorce with Kenya Duke. Furthermore, William questioned Gary about his current relationship status. The comedian answered that he had only been faster than his ex-wife with disconnecting from the marriage.

The interview sparked many rumors. However, the highlight has to be the tweet of Kenya that followed.

Kenya Duke Flamed Gary Owens and His Mistress

In July 2021, Kenya Duke took it to Social Media to flame her estranged husband Gary Owens and his mistress. She vented her frustration in a Tweet on how Brianna Johnson didn’t care that Gary was a married man with children. In addition, Kenya also pointed out how Gary didn’t support her with finance. According to the ex-wife of Owens, she didn’t like that Gary and Brianna were going on vacation with the family money. Kenya also mentioned that Brianna charged Gary $600 for 30 minutes. However, that accusation cannot be verified.


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Kenya further mentioned that Gary had been in other affairs previously. She accused her ex-husband of being a liar and a narcissist. Furthermore, Kenya promised to take the matter to court. She also warned his previous mistresses that she would file a case against all who spent the family money.

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke Divorce

Gary and Kenya exchanged wedding vows in 2003. By then, Gary was already a big name in the industry with some hit shows in his account. Kenya first met Gary when she attended one of his shows. The couple spent eighteen years in their marriage before finally splitting in March 2021. Gary and Kenya are parents to three children, namely Emilio, Austin, and Kennedy. Recently in an interview, Gary indirectly admitted to being in a relationship. He mentioned that he disconnected faster than his ex-wife in terms of emotional aspects.

Kenya Duke had to say and tweet a lot about her husband and the divorce. She accused the comedian of being a cheater and irresponsible dad. According to her, he was deadbeat and selfish. In addition, Kenya asked for huge money every month as spousal support, $44,000 to be precise.

Why Did Kenya Divorce Gary Owen?

According to Kenya, Gary cheated on her with his mistress from Dallas. She also threw dirt at the American model Claudia Jordan for her involvement in the divorce. Kenya wrote on Instagram that Gary had illicit affairs with Claudia’s friend in Dallas. As a result, she convinced herself that the model had a role to play in the divorce.

In return, Claudia answered that Kenya was being too hard on the divorce and making assumptions. She clarified that she didn’t have any friends in Dallas and didn’t know anyone involved with Kenya’s husband. Furthermore, she expressed grief over the divorce and asked Kenya not to drag others on a topic they have no connection to.

Kenya and Gary Kids

Gary Owen and his wife had three children together. They have two sons by the name Emilio and Austin Owens. The couple also shares a daughter named Kennedy Owens.

Gary Owen with wife Kenya and kids
American standup comedy artist, Gary Owen with his wife Kenya and their three kids.

Kenya Duke Net Worth

In 2021, Kenya Duke has a net worth of approximately $10 million. She is a successful entrepreneur and a house flipper. Kenya is on Instagram as @trulykenya and has 76.4k followers in July 2021. Furthermore, her husband is a famous comedian and actor who has built a fortune for the family.

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