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Gary Gulman is Married to Wife: Sade Pilot. Kids.

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Image of Gary Gulman with his girlfriend, Sade Pilot

Gulman is a comedian from the United States of America. He does stand-up comedy and performs in different parts of the country.

Gary Lewis Gulman grew up in the streets of Peabody, Massachusetts. He was born on July 17, 1970.

He studied at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School, where he was a model student, playing basketball and painting. Gary also had an early talent for making people laugh.

During his college, Gary went to  Boston College under a scholarship in football. He was a fantastic player with the position of tight end.

After finishing college, the comedian was an accountant and worked for firms. But his passion for comedy did not die.

Gary went to open mics and comedy clubs. He also became a teacher.

Gulman would often try out his skits and jokes to his students before his stand-up routines at night. This would make him a popular teacher in the area.

Gary rose to prominence in 2003 as a competitor in the NBC reality talent competition, Last Comic Standing’s second season. He was named third place during his time with the show.

He continued his passion for comedy and now performs with Comedy Central. With the busy career of the comedian, does he have time to have a partner?

We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding your wife, married life, and kids, Gary Gulman. Who is Gary Gulman’s wife?

Gary Gulman is Married to Wife: Sade Pilot

Image of Gary Gulman with his girlfriend, Sade Pilot
Gary Gulman with his girlfriend, Sade Pilot

The comedian-actor has been on the spotlight for a long time. Fans are wondering if Gary is still single.

According to sources, Gary Gulman is married to his lovely wife, Sade Pilot. The couple are enjoying a long and prosperous relationship.

Gary asked for the hand of Sade for marriage in 2014. They tied the knot in a private ceremony later on, that year.

The lovebirds’ relationship has its ups and downs. But this did not weaken Gary and Sade’s bond with each other.

Their partnership was tested when Gary suffered from mental illnesses. According to sources, the actor struggled with anxiety as well as depression.

Sade never left Gary’s side and helped him get through his most challenging times. It is also said that Gary Gulman’s wife was the primary source of aid when the actor needs help.

The couple are now living in the upper side of New York City in Harlem.

Sade Pilot’s Biography

Gary’s taste in women are commendable. This is proven with his wife.

Sade Pilot is Gary Gulman’s wife. She is also in the acting business as well as her husband.

Sade’s most well-known appearance is in the 2009 short “Passing Strangers”. In this film, she played the role of a model.

Unfortunately, this is all the available information about Gary Gulman’s wife. This will be updated once details Sade Pilot are revealed to the public.

Gary Gulman’s Kids

Sade and Gary have shared their love for each other for a long time now. Fans are wondering if the lovely couple has their family of their own.

According to sources, the two does not have a child yet. But they have two dogs that they treat as their own.

Fans are hoping that someday, Sade will bear Gary’s kid and have a large and happy family.

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