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Garrett McNamara is Married to Wife: Nicole McNamara. Dating History. Kids.

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Image of Garrett and Nicole McNamara with their kids

Garrett  McNamara, an American, is well-known for breaking the world record for the largest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, Portugal, and successfully riding a tsunami from calving glaciers in Alaska. Garrett was born on August 10, 1967, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Garrett is now 58. He grew up in Berkeley, California.

When his family moved to Hawaii in 1978, he began surfing at 11 years old, following his brother’s footsteps at Sunset, Waimea. McNamara set a world record in November 2011 while surfing 78-foot waves in Praia do Norte, Nazare, Portugal.

In January 2013, he broke his record by surfing a 100-foot wave on the same coast, bringing Garrett’s name to the rest of the world and the surfing community. Do you know about Garrett McNamara’s first wife, current wife, and children? Continue reading to pique your interest!

Garrett McNamara is Married to a Wife: Nicole McNamara.

Image of Garrett McNamara with his current partner, Nicole McNamara
Garrett McNamara with his current partner, Nicole McNamara

Garrett McNamara is currently married to his wife, Nicole McNamara. On this cliffside in Nazaré, Portugal, where Garrett set a new world record, the couple exchanged vows in November 2012.

The world-renown surfer met his lovely wife in 2010 and married just after they dated for two years. Together, the couple has two kids. Since then, Garrett has shown love for his partner and their kids.

Garrett and Nicole have two children. Barrel, their eldest child, was born in August 2014, and Theia, their daughter, was born on April 16, 2018.

The proud parents of the two children can’t help but post beautiful photos of their time with their children while traveling around the world, as seen on their Instagram accounts. 

Garrett McNamara’s first marriage to ex-wife: Connie Pascual-McNamara

Image of Garrett McNamara's former partner, Connie Pascual-McNamara, with their kids
Garrett McNamara’s former partner, Connie Pascual-McNamara, with their kids

Garrett was previously married before marrying his current wife, Nicole. Her first marriage was in 1994 to his ex-wife Connie Pascual McNamara.

The ex-couple were neighbors before they started dating, and Garrett initiated and invited Konnie to Haagen-Dazs. They married shortly after their dating period and have three children together.

Either of them did not disclose the reason for their divorce and just continued with their lives.

Garrett McNamara and Corrie Pascual-McNamara’s Kids 

Image of Garret and Connie Pascual-McNamara's kids, Ariana, Titus, and Tiari McNamara
Garret and Connie Pascual-McNamara’s kids, Ariana, Titus, and Tiari McNamara

Even though their relationship ended, Garrett’s relationship with his ex-wife resulted in three beautiful children. Ariana, Titus, and Tiari are Garrett’s children from his first marriage.

Titus and Tiari are interested in following in their father’s footsteps as surfers.

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