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Is Gabe Kapler Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids.

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Image of Gabe Kapler with his sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio

Gabe Kapler, better known as “Kap,” is the San Francisco Giants of MLB manager. He is also a former professional baseball outfielder from the USA.

At one point or another during his nine-year professional career, from 1998 to 2010, Gabe played for six different teams: the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, and Colorado Rockies. When Gabe retired as a player, he served as an assistant coach for the Israeli professional baseball team in the 2013 World Baseball Classic and as the Dodgers’ Director of Player Development from 2014 to 2017.

The Phillies hired him as a manager in 2018, and the former professional baseball remained in that position in 2019. San Francisco Giants’ manager in 2020, he guided them to 107 victories and the National League West title in 2021.

Are you curious about the former professional baseball Gabe Kapler’s wife? Is he married to a woman?

If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading.

Is Gabe Kapler Married to Wife?

Image of Gabe Kapler
Gabe Kapler is an American former professional baseball outfielder

Known for being a quiet individual, former professional baseball player Gabe Kapler is currently the subject of an investigation into his personal history. Unfortunately, he is still on the lookout for a romantic partner.

In light of Gabe’s marital status’s lack of public information, we presumed that the manager did not have a current wife or girlfriend. He hasn’t said anything about his future companion or future wife-to-be, which is understandable.

We can infer that the former professional baseball player prefers to keep his personal life out of the public’s view. However, he once was married to a woman called Lisa Jansen.

Gabe Kapler was married to ex-Wife Lisa Jansen from 1999 to 2013

Image of Gabe Kapler with his former wife, Lisa Jansen
Gabe Kapler with his former wife, Lisa Jansen

Gabe Kapler and his ex-wife Lisa Jansen met during their senior year of high school and began dating shortly after. Even though the former couple had been dating since high school, they wedded seven years later, in 1999, despite their long-term relationship.

They have two children. Their marriage had its ups and downs, but they never decided to give up on one other, even in the darkest days of their love. The previous partners chose to remain out of the public eye regarding their relationship for the most part.

As a result, very little is known about what went wrong between the ex-couple prior to their divorce, which occurred in 2013. Furthermore, neither the former professional baseball nor his former wife has made any public statements about the situation.

Despite the fact that Lisa’s with Gabe marriage did not survive long, she did become the mother of two children as a result of their relationship. Ty Kapler’s son, Chase Ty Kapler, was born on October 8, 1999, the same year that the couple tied the knot.

When Gabe and his ex-wife Lisa married in 1999, their son Chase Ty Kapler was born on October 8. The couple’s second kid, Dane Rio Kapler, was born two years after their first kid Chase was born.

The couple’s sons were given joint custody after the former professional baseball filed for divorce, and the ex-couple is currently co-parenting their children. Similarly, Kapler and his ex-wife are on pleasant terms and are entirely devoted to and supportive of one another.

Gabe Kapler’s ex-wife, on the other hand, has faded from the public eye since the divorce was announced. Therefore, there is no information on whether Lisa ever remarried or whether she was divorced from the first man she married.

However, let us hope that she has found a life partner and is living a happy life.

Gabe Kapler’s Kids

Image of Gabe Kapler with his sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio
Gabe Kapler with his sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio

I. Chase Ty Kapler

He is the first son of the former professional baseball Gabe Kapler with his ex-wife, Lisa. Chase was born on the  5th of October 1899 and is currently 22 years old.

II. Dane Rio Kapler

He is the second son of the manager, Gabe, with his former partner Lisa. Dane was born November 3, 2001, and is currently 20 years old.

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