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G Herbo is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Taina Williams. Kids

Image of G Herbo with his wife, Taina Williams

G Herbo, previously Lil Herb, is a famous rapper from the United States of America specifically Chicago. He celebrates his birthday every 8th day of October in the year 1996 legally as Herbert Randall Wright III.

Currently, he is under the management of the label Machine Entertainment Group. Some of his most famous works are Welcome to Fazoland, Ballin Like I’m Kobe, and Humble Beast.

He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. With regards to his academics, he was discovered to enroll at Hyde Park Academy School wherein he did not finish due to personal circumstances.

Many people are curious about G Herbo’s wife. Find out in this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his dating status, girlfriend’s controversies, and kids.

G Herbo’s Dating Status

Image of G Herbo with his wife, Taina Williams, and their baby
G Herbo with his wife, Taina Williams, and their baby

Being in the spotlight for a long time, questions about G Herbo’s wife is frequently asked during his interviews. He does not disclose any information when it comes to his marriage life, but he is known to be dating a famous personality named Taina Williams.

The presumed G Herbo’s wife has been in the life of the rapper since 2019. Details with regards to their first encounter has not been published as of this writing.

The couple seems to leave out their relationship in their public life to protect it from controversies. However, as famous personalities, there were still issues about their relationship which also includes the children of the rapper.

Followers of the couple are looking forward to the day when Taina would be announced as G Herbo’s wife. However, they respect their own timeline with regards to their relationship as long as they are happy.

Who is Taina Williams?

Image of Taina Williams
Taina Williams is a social media personality, model, and actress. She is also known as a former cast member of Love & Hip-hop and the fiancée of the known rapper, G Herbo

Taina Williams is famously known as the presumed G Herbo’s wife. Furthermore, she established her name long before her association with the rapper because she was a child star.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles by her mother who is also a star. Her mother’s connections in the industry paved the way for her to enjoy her current status.

Taina William’s Controversies

G Herbo was previously in a relationship with Ari Fletcher who bore a child into this world. Recently, G Herbo’s ex accused the presumed G Herbo’s wife of hurting their son through a social media post.

It was a huge controversy for the couple and Ari because it already involved their child named Yosohn. The ex-girlfriend of the rapper said that her son confided to her about Taina’s misconduct.

According to reports, the kid said that Taina does not like him. The rapper was quick to redeem his presumed wife from the hate and controversies.

He countered the hate comments by saying that he hopes everyone throwing hate can find someone who loves them unconditionally. As a defense, the presumed G Herbo’s wife responded hatefully to Ari and the bashers.

G Herbo’s Kids

Image of G Herbo with his wife, Taina Williams, and their kids
G Herbo with his wife, Taina Williams, and their kids

Despite being unmarried, G Herbo has three kids listed under his name. He has a kid from Ari and two from Taina.

They were vocal about their children as a part of living a public life. However, they are quick to throw hands to whoever steps on the boundaries for their kids.

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