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Fred Lewis is Married to Wife: Khara Lewis. Kids.

Image of Fred Lewis with his wife, Khara Lewis

Have you ever watched a series about gold mining? If yes, let us take a moment to learn about a gold miner, adventurer, and famous personality, Fred Lewis. He made a name by joining the reality television show, Gold Rush.

Wherein it follows miners in digging gold with having a heavy tension if they will be able to search for gold in Canadian Yukon. Fred Lewis has a certification as a Green Beret medic.

It has numerous experiences adapting and venturing into imaginable and harsh environments. Additionally, he served in the military, allowing him to be aware and enhance his toughness.

Gold Rush is airing on Discovery Channel, and this series has been one of the mostwatched and defining reality shows for years. The series first debuted in 2010 and had several spinoffs that fans enjoyed.

Some of the Gold Rush spinoffs are Gold Rush: South Africa, Fold Rush: Parkers Trail, Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune. Fred Lewis is considered one of the well-known miners that surpassed every abusive situation.

Who is Fred Lewis’ Wife? Discover more about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Fred Lewis has been Married to Wife: Khara Lewis since 2006


You will be surprised to know Fred Lewis wife is from his blind date; yes, they met on a blind date. Her name is Khara Lewis, a psychologist who made an appearance in Gold Rush.

They bumped into a joint where Fred Lewis was learning the German language while Khara Lewis was studying how to speak Tagalog. In their interview, Khara Lewis learned that Fred Lewis tricked him into the marriage.

After two months of getting to know each other, the couple ended up walking down the aisle on May 27, 2006. The love they had formed on their blind date is still there and continues to grow stronger.

Fred Lewis’ Past Relationships

Sourced confirmed that Fred Lewis had a previous partner before marrying her current wife. However, it is not stated if he entered a marriage in his past relationship or if he had ever engaged before.

He is relatively quiet about his past relationship. There is no disclosure information regarding this matter.

For now, he is happily married to his longtime partner, and any indication of trouble in their relationship is stated.

Khara Lewis’ Biography

People must be eager to know about Fred Lewis wife; here are the things you need to know about her. She grew up surrounded by a military family.

She hailed from the town of Troy, Idaho, and moved to Hawaii in 2015. She inherited their knowledge and skills, eventually joining the military to follow in her familys footsteps.

She served as a psychologist in the military, and her service lasted for only two years. Now, she is working at Hanford High School on the subject of History.

Fred and Khara’s Kids


The couple is parents to three children. The oldest was named Christopher Parker; he was Khara Lewis son with her previous partner, and a daughter named Gabby Lewis, Fred Lewis child from his past relationship.

The child that the couple shared was named Emma Lewis; she was reportedly a cheerleader way back when she was in middle school. Now, Emma Lewis is in high school.

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