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Francis Lam Married to Wife: Christine Gaspar. Kids.

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Image of Francis Lam with his wife, Christine Gaspar

Since 2010, Francis Lam has been a regular editor and guest presenter on The Splendid Table. He is the former Eat columnist for The New York Times Magazine. He is Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Clarkson Potter, a part of Penguin Random House specializing in cookbook production.

Do you want to know more about Francis Lam’s wife, Christine Gaspar? Their marriage and kids? Read this article as we give more information about the lovely couple.

Francis Lam’s Biography

Image of Francis Lam

Francis Lam is an American food journalist, cookbook editor, and the host of American Public Media’s The Splendid Table.

Francis Lam has been an American food journalist, cookbook writer, and presenter of APM’s The Splendid Table since 2017.

He was born in the United States in New Jersey. His parents had a humble garment factory in the Chinatown of Manhattan in New York City.

Francis narrated that his parents wanted him to pursue a professional career as a dentist or a businessman because it generates more income.

Francis Lam vs. Tom Scocca

The renowned writer Tom Scocca had a short beef with Francis. The two quarreled about something fundamental: caramelized onions.

Tom claimed that it takes too long to caramelize onions, and writers over-romanticize it. Francis then said that there might be confusion about the definition of caramelization of onions.

But the two later agreed that there were culinary lies that damaged the industry.

Francis and Christine’s Marriage

In July of 2013, Francis Lam married Christine Gaspar. A star-studded roster of chefs, including Grant Achatz, Andrew Carmellini, and Eric Rivera, attended and catered the wedding.

Ruth Reichl, a noted food critic and former editor at Gourmet, was also present, and she described the wedding as “the most poignant wedding ceremony” she had ever witnessed in a post on her blog.

The lovely couple is currently enjoying their marriage with no recent controversies.

Who is Christine Gaspar

Christine Gaspar is the Executive Director of the Center for Urban Pedagogy, a nonprofit organization located in New York whose purpose is to encourage meaningful civic involvement via design and art.

She collaborates with designers and community organizations to produce visual instructional aids that assist people in understanding complex subjects like zoning legislation and sewage infrastructure. She has over 15 years of experience in the field.

Francis and Christine’s kids

Francis Lam and Christine Gaspar have been married for nine years. It is known that the lovebirds birthed a beautiful daughter.

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