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Finn Balor is Married to Wife: Veronica Rodriguez. Kids.

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Image of Finn Balor with his wife, Veronica Rodriguez

Fergal Devitt, most notably known by his ring name Finn Balor, is a professional wrestler currently performing in the most extensive wrestling entertainment network in the world. An Irish man by birth, the star would be seen as one of the best rookies that fans of the World Wrestling Entertainment had seen in the year that he debuted.

From his multiple personas inside the ring, he made sure that people would know his name and that they would revere and fear his presence. Some of his notable names include Prince Devitt, Pegasus Kid, and the most famous of all, The Demon.

Before he joined the big leagues of the WWE, he started at small-time wrestling events and worked his way up the ladder to being a renowned athlete in his chosen industry. He fought his way through many hardships and criticism until he was accepted into the rookie wrestling promotion program of the WWE known as NXT.

The program was created back in 2010 to give a chance to upcoming talents that want to showcase their ability before hopping into the big stage. There, he won himself the NXT Championship and sat on the throne for over 292 days before somebody broke his record.

When he entered the WWE ring, he also won several championship titles, including Universal Champion, an Intercontinental Title, and the United States Champion, among many others. At 40 years old, he is still in good shape and is looking for brighter years in his career in the years to come.

Who is the romantic partner of Finn Balor? Who is Finn Balor’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Finn Balor is Married to Wife Veronica Rodriguez since 2019

Image of Finn Balor with his wife, Veronica Rodriguez
Finn Balor with his wife, Veronica Rodriguez

With all the fame and fortune that the athlete has acquired in his career, there is no surprise that Finn Balor’s wife is someone that makes all the effort worth it. A Mexican sports figure, Finn Balor’s wife is no other than the beautiful Veronica Rodriguez.

News about the couple dating surfaced on the internet back in 2019. And since people are starting to catch on to their little dates and courting, they officially announced that they are in a relationship in June of the same year.

Just two months after the report that they saw each other romantically, the lovers tied the knot in an undisclosed private ceremony in the town of Tulum in Mexico. It was attended by close friends, colleagues, and close family relatives.

Finn Balor’s Previous Relationships

There is no denying that the daredevil possesses a good amount of physical talent, a handsome face, a nice body, and a financially stable life. So it is also no surprise that he had dated a wonderful woman before meeting his lovely wife.

His ex-girlfriend was an American reporter, TV host, actress, and model named Cathy Kelley. People caught the two back in 2017, attending social gatherings and events together and mingling as lovers.

Sources state that their loving relationship started long before the wrestler signed with the wrestling network. And since she was already working in the sports industry, it is only fitting that she would also follow her partner’s path.

Unfortunately, the former lovers would go their separate paths and appear that they do not see each other. This broke many of the fans’ hearts as it was a sudden surprise for everyone who thought they were going strong.

Veronica Rodriguez’s Biography

Finn Balor’s wife was born and raised in Mexico City, and the Latina is one gorgeous woman that had undoubtedly caught the star’s heart. Veronica Rodriguez made her name known before meeting her husband as she has worked as a journalist.

Her occupation also made her financially stable and not dependent upon her partner. Her successful career even landed her the opportunity to cover the Rio Olympics back in 2016, and it has propelled her into grandeur opportunities since then.

Finn Balor’s Kids

It has been quite a couple of years since the lovebirds have decided to get married. However, it is pretty noting that they are still dedicated to their careers and are not looking to have any kids soon.

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