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Fess Parker is Married to Wife: Marcella Belle Rinehart. Kids

Image of Fess Parker with his wife, Marcella Belle Rinehart

Fess Elisha Parker Jr. used to be a television and film artist from the United States of America. He is most famous for being starred as Davy Crockett in the life series of Walt Disney.

Moreover, he also made appearances on several TV series. He knew acting was not a stable source of income which is why he established businesses such as wineries and chains of resorts.

His lifework is undoubtedly appreciated and looked up to this day. The famous actor succumbed to death on the 18th of March in 2010 due to natural reasons.

Looking back on the life of the entrepreneur, let us find out more about Fess Parker’s wife in this Wikipedia-type article. Continue reading to know more about his marriage and kids.

Fess Parker is Married to Marcella Rinehart.

Image of Fess Parker with his wife, Marcella Belle Rinehart
Fess Parker with his wife, Marcella Belle Rinehart

His life works and portrayals are highly commended by the people and critiques of the industry. That is why his life is most likely public, and people are curious about the lady who owns the title as Fess Parker’s wife.

According to reports, the actor who portrayed Walt Disney exchanged vows with the woman who owns the title Fess Parker’s wife on the 18th of January in 1960. Her name was identified to be Marcella Belle Rinehart.

Their marriage was healthy and productive since the actor had established himself in the industry. He made time for his family even with a tightly packed schedule because of his line of work.

The couple’s union was far from any controversies while it lasted because of their love and commitment for each other. They have lived happy and contented with what they have hardly worked for.

Who is Marcella Belle Rinehart?

Marcella Rinehart was famously known as Fess Parker’s wife. Furthermore, she was also an entrepreneur, model, singer, actress, announcer, and dancer.

Her birthdate was discovered to be on the 18th of March in 1928. She was trained to be the best she can since she was a child, which is why she was frequent on shows and recordings during her time.

She was also the reason behind the materialization of their family’s winery, which was funded by the actor. As a talented person, she designed the structure and chose the location of their business to make sure its effectiveness.

Nine long years after the death of her husband, Fess Parker’s wife succumbed to death on the 5th of April in the year 2019. The reason for her death was not disclosed, but she left the physical world at 91.

As a woman during a time when women were the subject of discrimination and oppression, she left a message to the young girls of today to get out of their comfort zone and break the stigma. She is one of the pioneers as to why women are celebrated in the media field.

Fess Parker’s Kids

The long-term marriage of the couple has been so inspiring for the people around them, especially their kids. Reports claim that Fess Parker’s wife birthed two beautiful kids into this world.

The only details disclosed about the couple’s children are their names. Their firstborn is Fess Elisha Parker III, and their second born is Ashley Allen Rinehart.

The couple left the physical world in the comfort of their home and surrounded by their truly loved children and grandchildren. Indeed, they left life lessons that would be brought about until the day they die.

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