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Is Fatboy SSE Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Fatboy SSE

Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, also known as Fatboy SSE, is famous for his hilarious antics and rapping skills that are trendy for people on the internet. He made quite a name for himself through his YouTube channel that features his skits, sketches, and music videos for his self-written and produced songs.

He is also recognized through his other nicknames dubbed by his fans and friends as “Boobie” and “Fats,” primarily inspired by his body shape and weight. But luckily, he is a good sport for this nickname, and he even makes comedy through self-deprecation, and people on the web adore him for that.

In addition to his YouTube account, he also has garnered quite a following on his Instagram account. As of this article’s writing, he already has amassed 5.7 million followers and is constantly pumping out content for them daily.

People should also note that the social media star has undergone a weight-loss routine and has lost many pounds since he broke out on the internet. He is now a buff guy that is entertaining people through his wit and speaking skills, continuously living as an inspiration for big guys that also like to be physically fit.

Is Fatboy SSE seeing anyone lately? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Is Fatboy SSE Married to Wife?

Image of Fatboy SSE

Fatboy SSE is an entertainer, rapper, and philanthropist

Fatboy SSE’s wife is something that is not included in the picture yet since there are no reports that he is seeing someone today. Moreover, the comedian has also yet to disclose any romantic relationship that he might be having now.

Undoubtedly, his fame, fortune, and now a gorgeous body are all his assets in attracting young women to be his partner. We may not confirm anything yet regarding this topic.

However, the future looks bright for this young talent, and Fatboy SSE’s wife is probably right around the corner.

Fatboy SSE’s Biography

Fatboy SSE’s wife is yet to be unveiled, so let’s look at our beloved comedian’s life so far. Born to African-American parents, the artist was raised in the streets of Irvington, New Jersey.

Because of their struggling life, he developed a sense of greed, which caused him to follow paths meant to harm him in exchange for easy money. His life got tangled into alcoholism and substance abuse, and it is known that at the young age of 14, he was already selling drugs such as weed and soon cocaine.

He thought that he would be safe and that the feds would miss him, but this was not the case, and in his pursuit of fast cash, he got into trouble and was imprisoned for quite some time. After he finished his jail time, he was a different person, and he fled from that lifestyle and turned his life around.

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