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Is Evan Marriott Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Evan Marriott

If you are interested in watching a reality show about finding true love, you might have heard of Joe Millionaire. An unscripted series like The Bachelor but with a twist, wherein 20 ladies were sent to France to meet a millionaire. Then you probably have heard of Evan Marriott.

However, without a piece of knowledge, the man they will encounter is a construction worker, that is Evan Marriott. Joe Millionaire started in 2003 and aired for one season.

The series became remarkably popular, and the good-looking Evan Marriott earned fame. The women were competing with each other to win him and acquire $50 million. At the show’s end, he leaves with $1 million.

When Joe Millionaire ended, Evan Marriott had an opportunity to host Fake a Date on a Game Show Network. Wherein one contestant will have a chance to go on two dates. However, the series was short-lived and only lasted for several episodes; and that was the mark of Evan Marriotts reality career.

Who is Evan Marriotts Wife? Well answer the question about his personal life and relationship history in the article below.

Is Evan Marriott Married to Wife?

Image of Evan Marriott
Evan Marriott is a known American actor. He is famous for his work in Motocross Kids.

In Joe Millionaire, people thought that Zora Andrich would be Evan Marriotts wife after the show ended as they were an adorable couple in the series. In the finale of Joe Millionaire, she is relieved at the thought that Evan Marriott is a bachelor.

She was an innocent wan who was not after the money of Evan Marriott. Still, like the other reality show about finding true love, Evan Marriott and Zora Andrichs love for each other ended quickly after the show’s finale.

Zora Andrich is now on the path of working in healthcare and as a yoga instructor. Another lady that was linked to Evan Marriott is Lisa Ligon. Still, no one takes the title of Evan Marriotts wife, and netizens still await his announcement when he gets married.

Evan Marriott’s Biography

Let us focus more on the early life of the TV Star. He was a construction worker before he got a chance to star in television shows.

Joe Millionaire holds the mostwatched episodes worldwide; the show almost matched the popularity of Survivor. After the finale of the Joe Millionaire, he also appeared in several films and television series, including See Jane Date, which is based on a book, Miss Cast Away and Island Girls.

Evan Marriott is currently enjoying his life away from the media. He kept a low profile as he lived in Orange County, California.

He continued working as a construction worker and entered the field of business as he opened a company of his own. His fame lasted only a couple of years, and he chose to live in private and away from the show business.

His last appearance in the media was his interview on YouTube in 2020. His appearance matured even more and showed off his long black beard.

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