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Evan Longoria is Married to Wife: Jaime Faith Edmondson. Kids

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Image of Evan Longoria with his wife, Jaime Faith Edmondson, and their kids

Evan Michael Longoria is a baseball player from the United States of America. He is most prominent with the nickname Longo.

The athlete is the San Francisco Giant of the Major League Baseball’s third baseman. He used to play for Tampa Bay Rays starting 2008 to 2017.

His birthdate was discovered to be on the 7th day of October 1985. According to sources, his parents are migrants, wherein his father is from Mexico while his mother is from Ukraine.

Downey, California, is where he graduated from his elementary studies. The specific school was identified to be St. Raymond Catholic School.

He started his career in baseball during his secondary studies at Saint John Bosco High School. According to sources, this is also where he graduated.

Are you curious about Evan Longoria’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about the marriage and kids of the baseball player in this Wikipedia-type article.

Evan Longoria’s Dating Status

Image of Evan Longoria with his wife, Jaime Faith Edmondson

Evan Longoria with his wife, Jaime Faith Edmondson

The baseball player is not just known for his skills but also for his looks. His love life is frequently looked up on the internet.

According to sources, Evan Longoria is married to a wife named Jaime Faith Edmondson. Their first encounter occurred in 2012.

They went on and dated each other, which fortunately led to marriage. The couple reportedly tied the knot on the New Year’s Evening in 2015.

Their marriage took place in Los Angeles, California. The intimate ceremony was attended by their closest friends and family.

The couple’s relationship is vibrant on social media, wherein they post about each other from time to time. Evan Longoria’s wife once declared that she would never get tired of kissing her man. 

Who is Jaime Faith Edmondson?

Famously known as Evan Longoria’s wife, Jaime Faith Edmondson is a woman of substance. She was a former policeman and once covered for the Playboy magazine.

Her birthdate was discovered to be on the 30th of December year 1978. The birthplace of the model was Bartow, Florida.

The profession of the former police officer was influenced by her family. It was the only profession she knew because of her environment.

Therefore, she is active when it comes to law enforcement trainings. She is also used to the eye being a secret agent after gaining experience as a police officer.

She graduated from North East High School for her secondary studies. Not long after, she went to Florida Atlantic University.

The model pursued criminal justice. According to sources, she was able to graduate in the year 2002.

Alongside being a police officer, she was also a cheerleader. Moreover, she decided to quit as a law enforcer because it affected her performance as a cheerleader. 

Evan Longoria’s Kids

Image of Evan Longoria with his wife, Jaime Faith Edmondson, and their kids, Elle Leona and Nash Harrison

Evan Longoria with his wife, Jaime Faith Edmondson, and their kids, Elle Leona and Nash Harrison

The couple was reportedly dating long before their rise as famous personalities. Their marriage for less than a decade already produced two children.

According to sources, the duo kids were born even before they got married. It can be inferred that they prioritized their children over their own.

The first child born is named Elle Leona. She was delivered into this world on the 20th of February, 2013.

Meanwhile, their second child is named Nash Harrison. His birthdate was known to be on November 16, 2014.

The couple is living happily with their two children. According to sources, the family is consequently seen traveling around the globe to witness the beauty of the world.

As much as possible, they have been trying to live lowkey to avoid the wrong side of the media. This is especially because they want their children to grow up as normal as possible.

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