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Ethan Page is Married to Wife: Amanda Woltz. Kids

Image of Ethan Page with his wife, Amanda Woltz


Ethan Page is a wrestler by profession under the management of All Elite Wrestling. He was legally born Julian Micevski in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, on the 20th of September 1989.

His fame is credited to Impact wrestling, wherein he was matched with Josh Alexander. Since they were paired with each other, they have been winning several tag team championships.

Before entering the field of wrestling, Ethan used to train in karate and taekwondo. In both disciplines, he possesses a black belt, the highest color in the said sport.

The rise to fame of the actor left the people wondering if there is news with regards to Ethan Page’s wife. Find out more about him by reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes details about his marriage and kids.

Ethan Page is Married to Amanda Woltz

Image of Ethan Page with his wife, Amanda Woltz
Ethan Page with his wife, Amanda Woltz

Because of his emerging career, questions highlighting Ethan Page’s wife are frequently asked of him during his pre-game interviews. It is not a secret that he is already committed to a marital relationship.

According to reports, the title Ethan Page’s wife is already taken by a lovely lady named Amanda Woltz. Particulars with regards to their first encounter were not disclosed for the public’s knowledge.

However, it was assumed that Ethan Page’s wife had been there even before the wrestler rose to fame. Most of the time, the counterpart of Josh Alexander expresses his love and appreciation for his wife.

Moreover, details about their marriage are yet to be announced since they want to live a lowkey life. They are staying away from controversies which is why they don’t want the public to be overfamiliar with their details.

On top of that, they have been successful in staying away from rumors from the day they publicized their relationship until today. It is crucial for them to be careful of their actions, especially now that there are children who will be affected by whatever news comes out about them.

Ethan Page’s Kids

The marriage of Ethan and his wife has been admired by many because of how they managed to compromise despite the things that have been occurring. Additionally, despite their busy schedule, they were able to build a family of their own.

According to reports, Ethan Page’s wife has already birthed two beautiful children. As private people, they decided to keep details about their kids under wraps.

Besides their lifestyle, they also want to protect their children from the harsh online world. It is most probable that they might be dragged into the heat between the fans of the wrestler’s competitors.

Nevertheless, the small family of four is frequently seen posting about their ventures around the world. The wrestler said that he wants his children to experience the beauty of the world as much as possible.

In addition, even though they are living a lowkey lifestyle, they are the proudest when it comes to their son. As their pride and joy, the couple said that they would do anything to give them the best life that they deserve.

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