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Erickson Lubin is Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids

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Image of Erickson Lubin with his son, Malachi Lubin

Erickson Lubin is a boxer by profession from the United States of America. One of his most notable competitions was the WBC super welterweight in 2017.

According to The Ring magazine, he is fourth in the overall ranking in active super welterweight. This was declared in the first month of 2022.

The birthdate of the boxer was known to be on the 1st of October 1995. He was born to Erick and Majorie in Orlando, Florida.

Since he was a child, he aspired to be a professional boxer. According to sources, one of his inspirations is Oscar De La Hoya.

Are you curious about Erickson Lubin’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about the boxer, including his dating status, past relationships, and kids. 

Erickson Lubin’s Dating Status

Image of Erickson Lubin
Erickson Lubin is an American professional boxer.

Erickson Lubin has been very private with regard to his personal life. According to sources, the professional boxer is not dating a girlfriend nor married to a wife as of 2022.

He is presently upskilling himself in his chosen craft. He dreams of being on top of the ranks when it comes to boxing.

Supporters of the boxer are anticipating the day when Erickson Lubin’s wife will surface. However, they expressed their support regarding the decision of their idol because they wanted him to be happy.     

Erickson Lubin’s Past Relationships

Being a man of skills in his chosen field, many girls are lining up to be the boxer’s love interest. There were reports declaring that he used to date a girl named Julmeri Garcia.

The former couple used to date back in 2016. However, they did not confirm anything regarding the said issue.

Fans were expecting Julmeri to be Erickson Lubin’s wife. Nevertheless, they were dismayed because the couple had separated.

The reason for their breakup was not disclosed to the public. Supporters expressed that they respect the decision of the couple to stay private regarding their separation. 

Erickson Lubin’s Kids

Image of Erickson Lubin with his son, Malachi Lubin
Erickson Lubin with his son, Malachi Lubin

Professional boxer, Lubin, has been reportedly single as of this writing. According to sources, he shares a kid with his former girlfriend, Julmeri Garcia.

Even though Erickson keeps details about his love life under wraps, he is not doubtful to share pictures of his son. According to sources, they named their child Malachi Lubin.

He is a proud son of the baby boy he brought into this world. He makes sure to let the kid know that he is always appreciated through his Instagram posts. 

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