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Eric Yuan is Married to Wife: Sherry Yuan. Kids.

Image of Eric Yuan with his wife, Sherry Yuan

Thanks to Eric Yuan, we can hold different meetings and conferences online during the pandemic because of Zoom. That’s right, Eric Yuan, a business mogul, and engineer, is the founder and chief executive of Zoom Video Communications Inc.

The CEO was born to geology engineer parents and was raised in Tai’an Shandong Province, China. He finished his studies with a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and a computer application minor. Then, he earned his master’s degree in geology engineering at the China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing. When he started his tertiary studies, he was inspired to develop a videotelephony software because of his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. 

 After earning his master’s degree, he moved to Silicon Valley in 1997, even though he only knew a little English. His migration was complex at first, but it did not stop him from reaching his dreams. He joined WebEx, which Cisco Systems owned, in 2007,  immediately upon arriving in the US. In 2011, Yuan proposed an idea for a smartphone-friendly video conferencing system to the company. 

Truly, rejection is a redirection because after the Cisco management rejected his pitch, he left the company and started his own, Zoom Video Communications. In 2019, an initial public offering had helped Zoom become a public company. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Zoom Video Communications’ shares and gross income immediately increased as people shifted to online work and classes. 

Who is Eric Yuan’s better half? Are they married? Learn more from the article below. 

Eric Yuan has been Married to Wife, Sherry Yuan, since 1992

Image of Eric Yuan with his wife, Sherry Yuan
Eric Yuan with his wife, Sherry Yuan

Sherry Yuan, Eric Yuan’s wife, is behind his success. Before Zoom was established, Eric Yuan tied the knot with Sherry while he was still studying for his master’s program at the China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing. 

There is not enough information about Eric Yuan’s wife, Sherry Yuan. Still, we all know that before Eric Yuan became successful, Sherry was his number one fan and had supported him along the way.

His rejection at Cisco was hard and painful, but it has pushed him further to strive and build Zoom Video Communications, and it would not be possible if not for his wife, who was standing beside him.

Sherry Yuan’s Biography

Before Sherry Yuan became Eric Yuan’s wife, she used to be his long-time girlfriend. She was the one that inspired Yuan to make video telephony software because of the 10-hour travel he took to see her.

Their love story is truly an inspiration because, despite the hardships, they still ended up together and got married when he was only 22 years old.  Currently, they reside in Saratoga in Silicon Valley, California.

Even though they are now wealthy and famous, the couple remained humble and tried to keep their personal lives away from the public’s eye.

Eric Yuan’s Past Relationships 

Eric Yuan is a persistent and hard-working man, and throughout his life, he was dedicated to establishing and strengthening his company Zoom Video Communications. Because of this, there is not enough information about Eric’s previous relationship or dating history. 

Eric Yuan’s Kids

Despite his busy schedule as a Chief Executive Officer, Eric still makes time for his children. Indeed, he is an inspiration and a fantastic husband and father.

Eric and Sherry Yuan have three kids, and they have done their best to raise these children with humility and full of love. He also did promise his wife that he would only travel twice a year to spend more time with them. 

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