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Is Eric Szmanda Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Eric Szmanda

One of the longest and best crime shows in history, according to many fans, is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and one of its main characters are Greg Sanders, played by actor Eric Szmanda. He an actor that became famous and known for his role in the 15 years runtime of forensics, crime, and drama show CSI.

From its pilot up until its series finale in 2015, the actor has appeared in numerous shows and movies, including Snow Wonder, Little Athens, and Near Extinction: Shangri-La. Even though his acting career mainly revolved around CSI, from time to time, he still ventured out into the world of media and entertainment and made some other character portrayals.

Unlike many movie stars, he wasn’t active in the show business and had a few hiatuses since his main show ended in 2015. Despite this, people are always waiting for his next acting gigs as he is a promising actor, having been nominated and awarded several accolades in the past decade.

Those awards include a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, which was given to him in 2005 due to his role as Greg. Moreover, many crime show fans had hoped that he would choose to pursue a more serious take on acting and entertainment since he showed fantastic performance during his active years.

Is Eric Szmanda Married to Wife?

Image of Eric Szmanda
Eric Szmanda is an American Actor. He is known for his work in the CBS police drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

This conversation has left many people wondering, mainly because the Hollywood celebrity is not the most vocally open individual in the entertainment business. This led to people speculating that Eric Szmanda’s wife is some of the women he had worked with over the years he has been at the forensics show.

Die-hard fans would remember that the actor has been in romantic relationships with stars like Lauren Bradley in 2002 and afterward Lola Ring. Although many believed that he ended up with Lola and would consider her as Eric Szmanda’s wife, not all of the rumors online have come to fruition.

Unfortunately, there are no reports or information about the star’s romantic life, and people think he might be single without any goal of being committed to anyone anytime soon.

Eric Szmanda’s Biography

Since Eric Szmanda’s wife is not yet present as of this moment, let us look at the life that the CSI actor has had over the 46 years he has been alive on earth. For starters, he was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, together with his parents and two brothers.

It wasn’t sure whether his family was wealthy or financially incapable, but several sources had stated that they may have lived a peaceful and comfortable life when he was still a young boy. From a young age, he displayed an interest in business and music, even taking up full-time work as an intern in several musical-related companies in Wisconsin.

But life took a different path for him. In college, he moved to California to pursue a degree at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he graduated.

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