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Is Eric Sollenberger Married? or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Eric Sollenberger with his wife, Steph

Eric Sollenberger is a well-known football commentator. He specializes in controversial takes and comments about football and political topics which fans and critics eagerly anticipate.

Eric is also known as his other persona. PFT Commenter. PFT Commenter or Pro Football Talk Commenter is a sports commenter that started on the

Because of the commenter’s work, Kissing Suzy Kolber, SBNation, and Football Savages eventually hired Eric as a writer/contributor. On Mike Florio’s PFT Live radio show, Eric had a guest in 2015, where he began to talk more about American politics and other controversial issues.

This is also the time when Sollenberger appeared on live tv, usually seen in the background of Republican Party presidential debates. By 2016, his career progressed as he was hired by Barstool Sports.

He began his podcasting career with Dan Katz in their podcast entitled Pardon My Take. PFT began to gain more popularity because of his comments  and takes on the football community.

But the National Football League removed press credentials for the Barstool Sports.

Despite this, Eric sneaked in to interview players and coaches during Super Bowl LI. His dedication and work were admired by his fans which made him rise to mainstream sports media. With the busy career of the celebrity, does he have time to have a partner?

We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding Eric Sollenberger’s wife and relationship status.

Is Eric Sollenberger dating a girlfriend?

Image of Eric Sollenberger with his wife, Steph
Eric Sollenberger with his wife, Steph

Because of his persona, the actor and writer lives a very private life. But PFT Commenter is already a married man.

Who is Eric Sollenberger’s wife? Eric Sollenberger’s wife and all the details about her remain private but it is confirmed that the two tied the knot since pictures are available.

It is reported that they had shared a long relationship before exchanging their vows. Eric’s married life is kept private from the public eye.

Furthermore, the writer’s personal life and affairs are hidden. His followers and fans, on the other hand, are keen to learn more about his relationship.

Eric has kept his privacy and has never talked about his romantic affiliations. We can assume that the couple are doing well since no news of break ups and affairs are surfacing on the internet.

We will update this write-up once details about Eric Sollenber’s wife become available. Stay tuned for more!

More About Eric Sollenberger

Eric has had many appearances and writing jobs. The famous actor appeared in the 2008 comedy short “Dang! That’s Meth’d Up”.

Eric also worked for the 2018 NFL tv show “The Kyle Brandt Football Experience”. The show focused on National Football League news and controversies while Eric gives his take on it.

Although the show only lasted for a year, Eric’s time with the show made a lot of memorable moments that fans loved.

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