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Eric Ripert is Married to Wife: Sandra Ripert

Image of Eric Ripert with his wife, Sandra Ripert

Eric Ripert became an outstanding figure in the world of culinary and television by showcasing delicious seafood cuisines to people everywhere who are a fan of his iconic dishes. At 57 years of age, he already has three Michelin stars and was even included in the annual release of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”, with some dubbing his food as one of the greatest.

His roots go far from his childhood, with his cuisine being heavily influenced by the cooking of his beloved mother. From then on, he grew a specific liking for making and creating food for people and himself to enjoy and pursued to make a career and become successful in cooking.

He graduated from a local culinary school in Perpignan back in his home country of France and achieved a degree in the field, becoming a credible chef over the years. As of today, he has two restaurants, one is called Le Bernardin and is located at the heart of New York City, and the other is called Blue, situated in the beautiful tropical islands of Grand Cayman.

Is Chef and Culinary Expert Eric Ripert Married? Who is he married to? Know the answer to these questions by reading this article.

Eric Ripert has been Married to his wife, Sandra Ripert, since 1998

Image of Eric and Sandra Ripert
Eric and Sandra Ripert

When the chef was still building his accomplishments and aiming toward his goal of becoming a world-renowned chef, he met a woman named Sandra Ripert. Eric Ripert’s wife is someone that caught the attention of the culinary master as he dines in one of his favorite restaurants.

There, Eric Ripert’s wife Sandra met him, and the two started talking to each other, often eating together and sharing their knowledge and interests regarding food. And in a happy and wondrous ending, Eric Ripert’s wife answered the chef with a resounding yes, and they got married in the beautiful islands of Bali in 1998.

Eric Ripert’s Previous Relationships

There have been some rumors regarding the romantic relationships that the Michelin star resto owner, but none of which were ever really proven to be true. Some of the gossips even turned out to be wrong as Mr. Ripert would announce their romantic relationship to the whole world.

Although he has to say a statement regarding his love life, it is safe to say that Sandra might be his first and hopefully last romantic partner.

Sandra Ripert’s Biography

When she first met the culinary graduate, she worked as a hostess in a particular dining place that her now-husband prefers to eat in. With the frequency of his visits, Sandra noticed his attraction towards her. We all know the things that happened next.

Today, she is working at an esteemed banking company, J.P. Morgan Chase, where she served as one of their financial associates while helping her partner tend to their restaurant business.

Eric Ripert’s Kids

Image of Eric Ripert with his wife, Sandra Ripert, and their son, Adrien Ripert
Eric Ripert with his wife, Sandra Ripert, and their son, Adrien Ripert

As lovely and as wonderful as their marriage sounds, the couple only had one child in the years they spent as husband and wife. Their sole son is named Adrien Ripert, and although he did not follow the steps of his beloved father, he is now also building a career of his own as an Architecture student at Syracuse University.

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