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Eric LeMarque is Married to Wife: Hope LeMarque

Image of Eric LeMarque with his partner, Hope LeMarque

A remarkable player who played in the National Hockey League between 1990 and 1999 and the inspiration for the movie 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, Eric LeMarque. A former professional athlete and writer, he has his roots in his American and French parents, where he grew up and was raised.

For the fans of ice hockey and the NHL, his name is cemented to the legacy of the sport, having been drafted at the age of 17 and winning three national championships for his home country. Even though he played in the grandest league in all of ice hockey, he found his success away from it but rather in the prestigious Olympic games in the winter of 1994 to 1996.

When he left the hockey scene, his love for icy and wintery sports did not dwindle and just transferred to the form of snowboarding, where he played for two years up until the 2000s. His passion and interest in playing in the snow and its freezing temperatures led him to the dangerous mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

There, he was stranded and had to survive inside an igloo he built to withstand the cold and eat pine nuts and whatever he might find, like cedar. After eight grueling days of bracing the cold, he hiked for over 10 miles, where he was then saved and brought to immediate hospital care, losing both legs because of extreme frostbite.

Who is the wife of former athlete Eric LeMarque? Learn more about his romantic life by reading this article.

Eric LeMarque has been Married to his Wife, Hope LeMarque, since 2004

Image of Eric LeMarque
Eric LeMarque is an American-French author. He is also a former professional ice hockey player.

During his moments in the ranges of Sierra Nevada and with drugs & adrenaline flowing through his veins, he realized the life that was given to him and what followed the accident was a blessing. Eric LeMarque’s wife, Hope, has been one of his biggest inspirations and encouragement to continue thriving to survive despite being amputated in both legs.

It’s not definite how Eric LeMarque’s wife knew him or when their love story started, but one thing is for sure: Eric LeMarque’s wife, Hope, is always there for him through ups and downs. Although they are not vocal about the intricacies of their marriage, it is believed that they are still happily married and living with their wonderful family.

Eric LeMarque’s Previous Relationships

In their romantic relationship, there weren’t many things available about the sportsman’s romantic past, but her partner Hope had previous lovers before him.

Hope LeMarque’s Biography

Very supported and loving wife, Hope LeMarque, has served as his ally and shoulder to lean on during the times he was going through the healing process brought by the incident. There is not a lot of info about her, but it is known that she is of American descent and is roughly the same age as the former athlete turned motivational speaker and writer.

Eric LeMarque’s Kids

Image of Eric LeMarque with his former partner, Holly, and his kids, Nick and Zach
Eric LeMarque with his former partner, Holly, and his kids, Nick and Zach

The couple has two beautiful boys, one coming from Hope’s past relationship. His stepson’s name is Nick, and their child is named Zach, with the latter still residing with his parents.

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