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Is Eric Bugenhagen Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Eric Bugenhagen

Eric Bugenhagen is a former collegiate wrestler and current professional wrestler from the United States. He goes by the ring name Rick Boogs in the WWE and competes on the SmackDown brand.

Due to an injury, he is now unable to perform. In addition to his professional wrestling endeavors, Bugenhagen maintains a weight training and comedic YouTube channel.

Bugenhagen wrestled at the University of Wisconsin under Barry Davis after winning the state title at Franklin High School in Franklin, Wisconsin. While wrestling for the University of Wisconsin from 2006 to 2011, Bugenhagen competed at 184 pounds for his rookie campaign and then moved up to heavyweight for his junior and senior seasons.

At the 2010 and 2011 NCAA Championships, Bugenhagen competed twice, qualifying for those cities’ events. Do you want to know if Eric Bugenhagen is Married to a Wife?

And does he have kids? Then continue reading this article to learn more.

Is Eric Bugenhagen Married to Wife?

Image of Eric Bugenhagen
Eric Bugenhagen is an American professional wrestler and former collegiate wrestler.

He is Married to a woman whose name is still unknown to the public to this day. Fans of The Bugez, who are Eric Bugenhagen’s wife, is a famous guest star in his videos, and his audience adores her as much as she does them.

He tied the knot with a woman whose name is still unknown to the public. Fans of The Bugez who are genuinely devoted are aware of the significant impact that his wife has on his life.

They have a charming backstory, and Eric’s bride is the center of his world now that they are married. Eric Bugenhagen’s wife never wavered in supporting him and never rocked in her steadfastness in standing by his side.

Eric Bugenhagen is shown bench pressing 635 pounds with the help of his wife in a video that can be seen at In the video, the film’s title is “Wife aided 635 lbs bench hammer strength.”

During an interview, Eric confessed that he had to depend on his parents for grocery items while residing with his mother-in-law. This is just one example of the many challenges Eric and his wife have overcome together.

He has remarked that if his wife had not been by his side during these difficult times, he most certainly would have been more toxic than he was. Eric published a video on his YouTube account with “Relationship Breakup?”

The first part of the video consists of Eric reading a question posed by a supporter named Michael, who was hoping to receive some guidance from him on his personal life. Michael was unsure of what he wanted out of a romantic partnership.

Therefore, he inquired whether or not he should end his connection with his girlfriend. And at that point, Eric began to share the tale of the 20-year-old Eric Bugenhagen with his audience.

When he was younger, Eric admitted that he was practically a juvenile delinquent and routinely got himself into precarious circumstances. Because he continued to act in a manner that his parents found unacceptable, he was eventually kicked out.

At first blush, the idea seems revolting. If it hadn’t taken place, there’s a good chance that Eric would have never met his future wife. Why? Because Eric went out looking for a place to crash and ended up meeting and falling in love with his wife at that time.

Does Eric Bugenhage have Kids?

Eric and his wife had a child together, but no one outside their immediate family knows any details about the child or her mother. In December 2015, Eric’s daughter was born; thus, she is currently six years old.

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